School Choice Options in Delaware

Public School Open Enrollment

State allows parents to choose any traditional public school for their child, regardless of location?


Public Charter Schools

State has a charter school law allowing for the creation of charter schools?


Public Magnet Schools

State permits public magnet and theme-based schools?


Online Learning

State offers free, full-time online academies, either run by the state or independent organization?


Private School Choice

State offers a private school choice scholarship or tax deduction program?


Homeschooling Freedom

Parents are free to educate their children at home (homeschooling)?


Delaware Celebrates National School Choice Week

Kindergarten Ready through College Bound

January 21, 2017 at 10:00am

Brandywine Hundred Library, 1300 Foulk Road - Wilmington, DE 19803

The classical model for education will be explained, as provided through Classical Conversations curriculum and weekly community structure. Information about other local homeschooling co-op options will be available as well.

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Want More?

Members of the media can request a list of school leaders in their state, who can discuss their participation in National School Choice Week by contacting Shelby Doyle at