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Today, National School Choice Week hit an incredible new milestone. More than 8,000 schools have signed up to participate!
When you look at the number itself — 8,000 — it’s pretty impressive. But what’s more encouraging, to me, is that these 8,000 schools aren’t just saying, “yes, count us in.” In reality, each of those schools is planning a unique and special event to commemorate National School Choice Week. 
Some schools host open houses. Others host pep rallies. Some use the Week as an opportunity to recruit new students, while others use the celebration as an opportunity to demonstrate that, because of long waiting lists at some schools, parents need even more options and opportunities. Some schools use the Week to showcase student writing and artwork. Others use the Week to thank parents. 
Together, these events raise awareness of the importance of effective education options for children across the country.
Yesterday morning, I was asked how National School Choice Week has increased the number of schools participating in the Week from several hundred in our second year, to so many thousands for 2015. 
The answer is a long one. But I’ll try and keep it short: first, schools and school choice leaders are increasingly understanding the importance of sharing the positive stories of their own success, and National School Choice Week helps them do just that. Second, schools see the benefits of a truly positive, uplifting, and enthusiastic celebration that isn’t political or partisan. And third, we have an amazing team at National School Choice Week, working year-round (yes, you read that right!) and assisting schools in maximizing their participation and involvement.
To participate in National School Choice Week, schools sign up by corresponding with our school outreach team members. School leaders give us information about the type of school they run, the grades they serve, the number of students attending their schools. After we confirm that information and enter it into our database, our warehouse and fulfillment team sends schools their customized Event Kits, which includes yellow scarves, posters, signs, lapel stickers and more. With 8,000 schools participating, that’s a lot of conversations…and even more packing materials! 
I’m proud to be a member of the National School Choice Week team, and I’m even prouder that our work focuses on letting the true champions of school choice — schools, students, teachers, parents, and school leaders — tell their transformational stories and shine in an unprecedented spotlight. There’s no doubt that with so many schools holding events, those stories will abound in 2015.
In future blog posts, I’ll share how we’re working with so many other folks to help tell their stories, too…from homeschooling families and groups, to chambers of commerce, to education-oriented organizations, to college groups, and more.
But for now, I hope you’ll make your plans to join us in celebrating National School Choice Week 2015. You’ll be in good company, with so many (8,000 and counting!) enthusiastic participants.

With National School Choice Week just around the corner, our symbolic yellow scarves made an appearance last week in Columbia, South Carolina, at the annual conference of the Public Charter School Alliance of South Carolina (PCSASC).

Randan Steinhauser, national outreach advisor for NSCW, was a featured speaker at the event. A Palmetto State native, Randan told the crowd that 70 schools in South Carolina are already planning events for NSCW 2015. She also provided schools with more information about how they can participate in the Week. 

At the event, renowned author Richard Whitmire –who recently released his latest book, "On the Rocketship," – wore his own yellow scarf, telling the crowd that: "School choice keeps me optimistic!” We agree!

In addition to the charter conference, the Palmetto Policy Forum hosted a strategy luncheon last week with legislators, parents, teachers and school board members. 

Enthusiasm for school choice will continue to increase as National School Choice Week draws near. A broad coalition of organizations, including the PCSASC and the Palmetto Policy Forum, are working together to plan an event at the state capitol during NSCW to showcase the growing support for school choice within the state.

Thank you to all of our friends and partners in South Carolina!

Are you in for National School Choice Week?!

Well if you are one of over 7,000 schools, making up more than 2.2 million students from coast to coast, then the answer is a resounding yes!

Of course, that number doesn’t even include the hundreds of partner organizations, friends and supporters that have made National School Choice Week the largest ever public awareness campaign in support of school choice. And with 82 days until the festivities officially get going, there is still time to help spread the word about National School Choice Week and encourage others to celebrate choice when it comes to education while encouraging parents to begin thinking about the next school year and learn about educational options in their states and school districts.

What’s more, National School Choice Week is a time to celebrate the uniqueness of our schools and students. From the traditional public schools, to public charter school to online schools, private, magnet and home schools, National School Choice Week is all about encouraging parents to decide for themselves the best type of education for their children.

And while we’re at it, we have a ton of fun! In the coming weeks, we’ll begin sharing with you what we have in store for National School Choice Week which is shaping up to be the biggest celebration yet. Among the things we will be sharing will be the location for our big kick-off and the steps for the all-new National School Choice Week dance!

Until then, look for more updates on our blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn about what the National School Choice Week Team is doing to prepare for the week. You can help us by spreading the word that National School Choice Week is just around the corner - tell your friends in person or online. And if you’re part of an organization, don’t forget to order your free National School Choice Week kit here. And if you’re an individual, don’t forget to stay informed by visiting this blog or signing up here for updates.

To the 7,000 plus schools and 2.2 million students that are in for National School Choice Week: Thank You…We’re just getting started!

There’s so much to celebrate in 2015! National School Choice Week will be America’s largest-ever celebration of effective education options for children. 
So, why not join in the festivities by dancing!
Yes, you read that right. For the third year in a row, National School Choice Week is excited to announce an official song and dance moves! In previous years, schools, organizations and even public officials have learned the moves to the official dance…and for 2015, we hope you will, too.
The song for the National School Choice Week 2015 dance is “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit. Just download the song on iTunesAmazon or listen on Pandora or Spotify. Then, watch the tutorial video below to learn the newsteps to the new dance (which are easier to learn than ever).
After you learn the moves, perform the dance at your event, and upload a video of your dance performance to YouTube! Make sure to e-mail us the link at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so that we can help promote your video!