Our resources page provides you with the tools you need to support and understand school choice and take part in National School Choice Week. 

School Choice and NSCW in Your State


Browse our clickable map to find out what school choice options are available in your state, as well as identify National School Choice Week events in your state.

Event Handbook


Our Event Handbook makes it easier than ever to plan a successful event for National School Choice Week.

Event Suggestions for Schools


Not sure what type of event to plan for your school? Here are some event ideas that other schools have used for previous NSCW events.

Event Suggestions for Organizations


Not sure what type of event to plan for your organization? Here are 17 suggestions to get you started.

Event Kit


Our event kits are designed to visually connect your event with the thousands of other National School Choice Week events across the country. Download our sheet which outlines what's included and then head to our store page to make an order.

NSCW 2014 Dance


Learn the moves to the NSCW Official 2014 Dance!

School Choice Definitions


Our two-page guide provides definitions of the different types of school choice that may be available to you.

School Choice Trends


This special guidebook provides state-by-state information about school choice programs. Use this book to find out if different types of school choice might be available in your area. Click to view.

Choosing a School


This op-ed, by National School Choice Week President Andrew Campanella, provides advice for parents on starting the process of selecting a new school for their children. Click to view.

What You Can Do

  This handout provides information to parents about how they can advance school choice in their local communities even after National School Choice Week is over. Click to view.

Media files


Download the National School Choice Week logo in Adobe Illustrator (AI) format or in Portable Network Graphic (PNG) format.