5 Questions for Kimberly Young, Arizona Virtual Academy

By: Savanna Buckner

Last Upated: April 15, 2021

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Arizona Virtual Academy offers public, online K-12 education for families in Arizona. 


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Savanna Buckner: What makes Arizona Virtual Academy unique? 

Kimberly Young, community liaison: We are an online public school that allows students to school from home. Any K-12 student living within the entire state of Arizona is able to enroll in our school. We are able to bring exceptional teachers (virtually) into the homes of students in every community in the state. It’s an honor to work with Arizona’s youth!

Savanna: What are some of the reasons families choose AZVA? 

Kimberly: Our families love the comfort of schooling from their homes while being supported by certified Arizona teachers. Also, families love having the ability to set up their daily routines in the way that is best for their family. Students in our program have access to their coursework 24/7, which gives families more flexibility than traditional classroom learning.

Savanna: AZVA has been around for more than 15 years now. How has your school (and online school in general) changed over the years?

Kimberly: I would say that we have evolved and mastered online teaching techniques as well as data-driven instruction practices. Through regular assessments we are better able to target and tailor specific classes for students based on their academic needs.

Savanna: Why do you think it is important for parents to have choices, such as your school, for their child’s education?

Kimberly: Parents know their children best, and not every student thrives in the traditional classroom. An online option is innovative and needed. [In online school] parents are able to be very involved in the day-to-day of their child’s learning. We are also an attractive school option when you consider the problems faced by many students today—unruly classmates, the fear of bullying and school violence, and overcrowded classrooms. We also provide a sanctuary for students that suffer health-related issues.

Savanna: How does Arizona Virtual Academy celebrate National School Choice Week? 

Kimberly: We host a Spirit Week during National School Choice Week, culminating in a Field Day on Friday. Each day we spend some time talking about why students like their school, and how they feel successful here. Students are able to wear their scarves and show off their dance moves, as well as spend some time celebrating their awesome school.


Savanna Buckner is press secretary at National School Choice Week and can be reached at [email protected].


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