5 Questions for Karen Blatt, Flushing Christian School

By: Savanna Buckner

Last Upated: April 15, 2021

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Karen Blatt, principal at an independent school in New York, explains what makes Flushing Christian School special.


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Savanna Buckner: What makes Flushing Christian School unique?  

Karen Blatt: Flushing Christian School is an independent Christian School – celebrating our 70th anniversary this year. We have a multi-ethnic student population which is reflected in our faculty and staff. We place a strong emphasis on critical thinking and encourage our students to develop a worldview based on biblical values and logical reasoning. We want our students to enjoy school because we know that they will learn more effectively if they do. For this reason we offer a well rounded curriculum including elective classes such as American Sign Language, robotics, engineering, drama, voice, film, and cooking. Our students are also learning computer coding. Our tech teacher focuses on students becoming creators rather than consumers of technology. We know that relationships form a strong foundation for learning so our teachers listen as much as they teach. We focus on the development of the whole student – the intellect, the emotional and social wellbeing and, most importantly, the spiritual growth of the student. 

Savanna: Can you share a memory or anecdote that really helps show what makes Flushing Christian School special? 

Karen:  A few years ago, at a Christmas pageant, one of our middle school students completely forgot his lines during the performance and stood on the stage, silent, dumbfounded and near tears. It was a terrible moment and he sat down embarrassed, dejected, and totally humiliated.  At the end of the performance, our board president took the stage and called the student up to commend him for handling a difficult situation with poise and dignity. The entire room stood on their feet and applauded with shouts and whistles to assure him that he is loved and his value is far more than a performance. He walked away the star of the evening. This memory encapsulates the tenor of the school.

Savanna: What is your biggest piece of advice for parents who are searching for schools for their children? What should they look for and what should they ask?

Karen: Parents need to know that their children are receiving instruction from adult leaders who are in agreement with their philosophy and worldview. Parents should meet with the principal and tell him or her about their student. Ask the question, “Why should I send my student to your school?” Meet the teachers!

The teachers are the heart and soul of a school – talk to them and ask if they are happy at the school.  Ask them why they enjoy teaching at this particular school. Attend an open house. 

Savanna: Flushing Christian School has been around since 1950! Are there ways that rich history is preserved and maintained in the school today?

Karen: The most important aspect of our rich history is its firm foundation.  That foundation forms our philosophy of education and has remained the same over the last 70 years.  We are committed to academic excellence and Christian discipleship. We maintain relationships with all three of the founding churches of the school. We are inviting alumni and friends to join us in celebrating our anniversary this spring.

Savanna: How do you celebrate National School Choice Week?

Karen: We celebrate by having our students fill in the posters provided by National School Choice – these are placed in public areas for visitors and students alike to see in the weeks preceding our open house. We also host our open House during School Choice Week. We give out yellow scarves to prospective families and we encourage parents to choose the school that is best for their child, even if it is not our school.


Savanna Buckner is press secretary at National School Choice Week and can be contacted at [email protected]  


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