Your School Choice Week Celebration

You’ve received your box of celebration supplies…what’s next?

National School Choice Week provides an exciting opportunity, every year, for teachers and administrators to celebrate what makes their schools great! We invite you to celebrate your school, your students, your parents, your teachers and your staff during National School Choice Week. You can plan any type of activity or project designed to spotlight your school.

Whether this is your first year participating and you want to try something easy, or you have been part of the annual celebration for years and what to go all out, you’ll find great ideas here.  No event is too small and each one makes a difference! Here are some ideas to inspire your own creativity. You can also print a list of ideas by clicking a button below.

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  • Activity Center

    Combine fun and learning with free printable activity sheets and decorations.

  • Official Dance Tutorial Video

    Learn the steps to the official dance!

  • Teachers and administrators can hand out NSCW wristbands to students.

    Register for a free Activity Packet or purchase additional wristbands.

  • Hang homemade posters in the school hallway and have students and teachers pose for photos.

    Share online using #schoolchoice

  • Have students fill out and decorate the “I Love My School” placards.

    Share photos online using #schoolchoice

  • Have students make a video with a cell phone.

    Make a short video about why they love their school and share it with us or online using #schoolchoice

  • Encourage students to decorate their lockers or classroom doors and announce winners during NSCW.

  • Have a “Yellow Day,” where students and teachers wear yellow clothing or accessories.

    Or have a spirit week with a different theme each day.

  • Arrange a display of art projects created by talented students.

  • Invite a local dignitary, such as your mayor or a county leader, to visit your school and talk with students.

  • Launch a contest to design the school’s yearbook cover or school flag.

  • Have students decorate tee shirts, or paint a school wall or mural.

  • Send “thank you” letters home with students for their parents and guardians.

  • Encourage students to keep a gratitude or thankfulness journal. Detail the ways they are grateful for their parents and for your school.

  • Have students share at lunch the reasons why they are grateful to attend your school.

  • Give students construction paper or note cards and ask them to write notes to their parents, thanking them for choosing your school.

  • Plant a community garden during National School Choice Week.

  • Activity Center

    Combine fun and learning with free printable activity sheets and decorations.

  • Develop a special class, play, or video about your school’s history.

  • Arrange school tours or an open house for prospective students and their parents.

  • Conduct interviews with local radio and television shows to promote your school.

  • Share what you love about your school with photos, and testimonials on social media, each day during NSCW.

    Tag us and use #schoolchoice

  • Hold a student poster and essay contest.

    Have an awards ceremony and publish winning submissions in your local newspaper.

  • Take photos at recognizable community landmarks, with students and teachers wearing their NSCW wristbands.

    Share photos online using #schoolchoice

  • Have students design and complete a community service project.

    Share photos online using #schoolchoice

  • Students, parents, and teachers can attend a local city council, school board, or county commission meeting.

    Speak briefly about what school choice means to you.

  • Encourage students, teachers, or parents to write letters to your local newspaper, sharing their school choice stories.

  • Digital Backpack for Schools

    Show your support & spread the word with these interactive and digital resources.

  • Send us Your Photos & Videos!

    Upload or email photos or videos from your event, activity or celebration that you’d like to share.

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Check out all the amazing ways homeschool groups around the country have celebrated NSCW!

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