De La Rosa: How school choice opens new opportunities to low-income students like me

By: Anita Peek-Brinson

This week is National School Choice Week, and, along with thousands of students, I have much to celebrate when it comes to educational choice. I have personal experience in choosing schools that have been the right fit for me. These choices have opened new opportunities to help me reach my dream of one day becoming a successful journalist.

The first time I exercised school choice was in middle school. My parents and I chose Strive Prep, a charter school, because I was performing above grade level and needed to be challenged academically, which was something my neighborhood school could not offer.

When looking at high schools, I knew that Arrupe Jesuit was the school for me since the day I shadowed an Arrupe student during my eighth grade. The classes were informative and captivating, the teachers were all passionate and charismatic, and the student body was incredibly inclusive and accepting. My first day at Arrupe Jesuit was phenomenal. Now, I am a junior applying for college scholarships and studying for the ACT.

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