ACE Scholarships Planning Special Spotlight Event

      • January
      • 21
      • 2020
    • ACE Scholarships Planning Special Spotlight Event
    • SW 8th & SW Van Buren, Topeka, KS 66612
    • 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Kansas Civics Day Honoring National School Choice Week

ACE Scholarships is excited to announce that they will be celebrating National School Choice Week (January 26-February 1, 2020) with a special spotlight event!

The event will take place at the Kansas State Capitol and will feature a civics day. 10-15 diverse private schools will be going to the Kansas State Capitol to meet with lawmakers. They will be able to see how their state capitol works, watch American government in action through watching senate and house proceedings and will get to meet with their school’s elected officials. They will have the opportunity to ask questions to a bi-partisan panel and a tour of the beautiful capital in the state where the historic Brown v. Board took place.

Civics Day brings together students from a diverse set of private schools to meet with their lawmakers and get to see American government in action. This event allows lawmakers to see school choice in action. They get to meet the kids personally that are benefiting from school choice. They get to hear the stories from schools about why school choice matters to them and how their school and community thrives from it. When lawmakers get to interact and meet with the people benefited from school choice and they see it as something that is literally just choice instead of a sinister plan to harm public schools, I think they soften to the idea that school choice does work and that these kids are just looking for the school that best fits them and these private schools are trying to best serve their community and students.

Every child deserves a great education. That’s our stand. At ACE Scholarships we’re committed to helping low-income parents provide that opportunity to their children. Our mission is to provide children of low-income families with scholarships to private schools in grades K-12, and to advocate for expanded school choice.

National School Choice Week is the world’s largest annual education-related celebration. The goal of NSCW, which features participation from tens of thousands of schools and organizations, is to shine a positive spotlight on effective education options for children.

During National School Choice Week, schools across America celebrate the challenging, motivating, and effective education they provide to students. At the same time, parents use the week to learn more about the education options available to their children, in advance of the upcoming school year.

National School Choice Week is nonpartisan and nonpolitical, and is not related to any legislative advocacy efforts.

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