Giving Parents and Children More Educational Options in California

By: Anita Peek-Brinson

Across the country and here in the Golden State, a revolution in education has taken place over the past few decades. “Parent power” — both engagement and empowerment — has helped to drive new quality educational options for families. This National School Choice Week, we can recognize the ways in which providing parents with more and better options improves the education — and ultimately the future — of millions of American children.

As anyone browsing a clothing store can readily attest, one size does not fit all. Every child has his or her own unique talents, needs, interests, and learning style. School choice responds to students’ unique qualities, by providing parents with a diverse array of educational options for their children.

School choice includes charter schools, taxpayer funded academies with more flexibility and accountability than traditional public schools. School choice also includes open enrollment, where parents can place their students in public schools outside their traditional neighborhood boundaries.

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