Gov. Pete Ricketts op-ed: Improving Educational Outcomes

By: Anita Peek-Brinson

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once observed that education “teach(es) one to think intensively and to think critically.” We know this intuitively. A quality education system and informed citizenry are foundational to the health of our republic.

To achieve this, we must work together to expand educational opportunities for the next generation of Nebraskans. Recent test scores show that there is work to do. Globally, the United States finds itself in the middle of the pack on test scores. In Nebraska, new ACT scores released in December revealed that only half of Nebraska’s high school juniors tested as college ready in key academic subjects.

Many folks are stepping up at the state and national level to identify new solutions to help our state’s youngest citizens get a quality education, improve outcomes and achieve their dreams. This week, I will be signing a proclamation declaring “School Choice Week” in Nebraska as well as attending events highlighting the need for expanding school choice and educational opportunities.

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