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We’ve launched a newsletter about the great work students, teachers, and education leaders are doing in their schools and the greater community. Let’s highlight happiness!

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If you’ve ever celebrated National School Choice Week, you know that what sets the last week of January apart every year is its positive, inclusive tone. That’s because we believe in celebrating good news in education, from every type of school. 

In a time when there seems to be much to critique and improve in the world, it’s also important to celebrate the good around us. All the research shows that people in America – and many around the world – are more unhappy than ever. The headlines call it an Unhappiness EpidemicTogether, let’s push back against this trend with all the good news about education we can find.

To highlight happiness, we’ve launched an effort bringing you stories of schools educating students well and improving their communities. Out of the tens of thousands of schools that celebrate National School Choice Week, there are countless positive stories to tell.

Whether it’s collaborating to bring more public art into the world, equipping summer camps to include students with special needs, or equipping themselves to spark an interest in STEM in their students, great public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, virtual academies, private schools, and home educators are forces for good around the world, fighting for the happiness of their own families and others. 

We want to highlight happiness in all the noble, effective, and compassionate things happening in education and local communities. That has always been a key goal for us. Let’s build this together.


Read the latest Highlighting Happiness stories at our News & Updates page.


Here are some fan favorites from the archives: 

Magnet High School Day

READ: This traditional public school is having an amazing impact through two language programs and one mission.


READ: Students and staff at New Emerson Elementary School designed a “libratory” (half library, half laboratory). 


Students Dressed for Flag Day

READ: Seeing a community in need, an education entrepreneur founded a school that puts literacy first. 


READ: An educator at Michigan Connections Academy shares how he’s seen cyberschool change kids’ lives.


Students Graduating

READ: Brethren Christian School is launching science into space and leaders into the world.


READ: Faced with a health challenge, the Jackson Family embarked on an unexpected homeschool journey. It’s changed their life for the better. 


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