Homeschool Success Stories: Adams International School

By: National School Choice Week Team

Homeschooling is one type of school choice that NSCW celebrates and throughout the country, individual homeschool families and homeschool groups participate each year.

Adams International School is a Montessori-focused homeschool group option with a central campus located on 131 acres in Maidens, Virginia. During School Choice Week, the school’s staff invites its 40 students and their families to show up to campus on the same day and spend time enjoying all it has to offer.

“The children are able to experience nature at its finest by climbing trees, taking care of rabbits and guinea pigs, and collecting eggs from the chicken coop,” said Christie Guimond, administrative assistant.

Students are encouraged to learn the National School Choice Week dance to perform all together.

“We love our school and the ability to use our imagination each day. Learning can be fun, and we love to celebrate our wonderful environment,” Guimond said.

When planning as a homeschool group for National School Choice Week events, Guimond recommends getting the word out about upcoming events early.

“Make event announcements a few weeks before NSCW. The children have come to love the yellow scarves, and they love coming up with ways to incorporate them into each day’s activities.”

Planning a Homeschool NSCW Event

National School Choice Week is a great time to bring everyone together to celebrate – whether you are part of an organized homeschool group or just want to coordinate with other homeschool families. In 2017, 2,169 homeschool events took place during National School Choice Week! Planning a field trip event is a great or just getting together at a library or park is another easy way to celebrate together – and raise awareness for school choice options in your community.

Looking for ideas on what exactly to plan? Check out our resources for homeschoolers.



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