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Maximize Your Participation in National School Choice Week!


Online Activities

  1. Help raise awareness online! Wear your NSCW scarf and post photos on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using hashtag #schoolchoice.
  2. Use your cell phone to make a brief video about how a great school or an inspiring teacher has made a positive difference in your life.
  3. Send information about educational opportunity via e-mail to your friends and family. To get a template e-mail that you can use, use our I’m Celebrating tool: SchoolChoiceWeek.com/Celebrate and click on “Parent – Supporter.”
  4. Take some time to check out the school choice options in your state by visiting SchoolChoiceWeek.com/MyState.

At-Home Activities

  1. Print out the games, coloring projects, crosswords, and mazes online at SchoolChoiceWeek.com/Printables for your children or grandchildren.
  2. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. You can write about the importance of opportunity in education, school choice in your area, or to thank a specific school or teacher.
  3. Learn the steps to the National School Choice Week dance at SchoolChoiceWeek.com/Dance. Then, upload a video of your dance to YouTube or Facebook, and send us a link.
  4. Work with your children or grandchildren to make “thank you” cards for teachers, school leaders, or mentors who have made a positive difference in their lives.
  5. Design and decorate homemade National School Choice Week window placards or posters for your home or apartment.
  6. Plan a fun craft project featuring National School Choice Week’s signature colors: red and yellow. Post photos online and explain what inspired you to do the project.
  7. Host a party for your children or grandchildren and their friends to celebrate National School Choice Week, complete with red and yellow decorations.
  8. Use sidewalk chalk to decorate your home’s sidewalk or driveway with the National School Choice Week logo or with #schoolchoice.
  9. Use window crayons to decorate your car windows with pictures and fun sayings like “We Celebrate School Choice” or “#schoolchoice.”

Community Activities

  1. Work with your children, grandchildren, or neighbors to develop a service project that benefits children in your community.
  2. Attend a local city council, county commission, or school board meeting and speak briefly about why you are participating in National School Choice Week.
  3. Round up old books that you no longer need and donate them to a school library – or donate them to a family in need.
  4. Organize a small coffee gathering for other moms, dads, grandparents, or residents in your community to talk about education in your area.

More Resources To Help You Celebrate 

Once you’ve decided how you’ll celebrate National School Choice Week, let us know! Visit SchoolChoiceWeek.com/Celebrate and use the free, easy, “I’m Celebrating” tool. Fill out a simple form and we will provide you with customized content, including social media posts and e-mail templates that you can use.

Then, after your event, meeting, or activity, send your photos and videos to us. Visit SchoolChoiceWeek.com/Share

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