Keeping it Simple: Arizona Charter Academy

By: National School Choice Week Team

When we talk about hosting a National School Choice Week “event,” schools should not feel intimidated. Making the most of what you already do at your school, and incorporating the free materials that NSCW sends, are easy ways to spotlight the excellent opportunities you offer to families in your community.

Arizona Charter Academy is a charter school serving 764 students in grades K to 8 in Surprise, AZ. For the past three years, the ACA student body has participated in School Choice Week as a way to showcase the successes at the school.

Each year, students and staff at ACA take advantage of the items that arrive in their free School Choice Week supplies kit to celebrate the week.

“The kids get it. They realize their parents made an intentional choice to put them at ACA and that makes them feel special, which they are.”

“We always love getting the National School Choice Week signs and having our kids take pictures with them,” Melissa Montenegro, enrollment and marketing manager, said.

The students fill out the blanks on the signs about why they love ACA and look for opportunities to wave those signs, and wear the yellow scarves, throughout the week-long celebration.

The brightly-colored signs and scarves in NSCW supply kids provide a simple, but impactful, way to get students enthusiastic about their school and what is happening at it. That excitement is contagious, spurring interest from media outlets and the community at large about what school choice means in your area.

“We are so proud to offer our community access to an excellent education and provide more education options to them. School choice has empowered the families at ACA to realize educational goals that seemed out of reach before,” Montenegro said.

“The more the community and families are educated on school choice the more they are able to take their education and their future in their own hands.”

Planning a Simple Event

The best National School Choice Week events are the ones where students are excited about what is happening at their school. You can empower them to share that excitement through the “I love my school” signs in the NSCW supplies kit, by holding an essay or poster contest or by hosting a pep rally to get fired up for school choice. Remember that learning and performing the NSCW dance is another great visual and a way to heighten the energy and momentum surrounding school choice in your area

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