School choice gives families options

By: Anita Peek-Brinson

Would a family with five young children go car shopping for a convertible? Probably not. Likewise, would a single business executive who likes flashy wheels buy a minivan? Again, not likely. And just as cars meet individuals’ unique needs, so too should one of the most important services children will ever receive — an education. National School Choice Week provides the perfect opportunity to highlight the quality educational options that school choice places before parents and families.

Over the past few decades, school choice options have grown by leaps and bounds — across the country, and right here in Michigan. Our state offers open enrollment options — the opportunity to attend traditional public schools outside neighborhood boundaries. Michigan also contains a vibrant selection of charter schools, academies funded by taxpayers, but with more flexibility and accountability than traditional public schools. Michigan also offers 82 different magnet school programs for students with specialized curricular interests. And we have online course choice options — including programs that enroll full-time students in tuition-free online studies.

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