School choice offers NM students diverse options

By: Anita Peek-Brinson

As any good leader could tell you, it takes a group effort and teamwork to solve a large problem. If the problem is big enough, no single individual or organization can fix it by themselves. Thankfully, here in New Mexico, groups of schools, parents and supporters are working together to help improve our educational system. This National School Choice Week, we can celebrate how the diverse movement for school choice works together to advance the cause of New Mexico’s youth.

Many children in our state come from disadvantaged backgrounds – roughly seven in 10 New Mexico students qualify for free or reduced-price school lunches – which makes creating opportunity through education particularly important for our schools. While eighth-grade math scores haven’t fallen much over the past several years, math and reading scores remain below national averages on the “Nation’s Report Card.” Only 1 percent – that’s one in a 100 – of New Mexico eighth-graders achieve advanced levels of performance in reading. Although improving, these results suggest we have much more work ahead to improve New Mexico’s education system.

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