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Hey Teachers in grades K-5! Let’s be Pen Pals for the 2021-2022 school year! Join our School Choice Pen Pals Program! Our team will connect you this fall with a classroom of a similar grade in another state or community so your students can send and receive letters during the 2021-2022 school year. It is a great way to teach letter writing, geography, and get to know other students in a different part of our country. Celebrate your school and learn more about other schools across America. Our Pen Pal Program Kick off will be this fall. Enjoy the summer break!

 How it Works:

Step 1: Sign up your class for the program with the form provided.
Step 2: Our team will connect you via email with a teacher from a class in another state or community.
Step 3: Teachers will decide together when they will send letters, who will send their letters first; and provide first names of students in their classes.
Step 4: Share photos and videos on social media of students writing and receiving their letters using #schoolchoice.

*Email option is available in the form if preferred.

Pen Pal Safety:

All letters will be collected by the teacher and sent to the pen pal school in a larger envelope addressed to the receiving teacher via the US Postal Service. Students may not share their home addresses, emails, or phone numbers with their Pen Pal. Teachers should review the letters to ensure safety and appropriateness prior to giving the letters to the students.

Classroom Materials Needed:

Pen, Pencils, Markers, Crayons
Letter-sized Envelopes
Large Envelopes (to fit classroom letters)

Online Resources:

Letter Writing Lesson Plan
YouTube: How to Write a Friendly Letter
Everything You Need to Know About Writing a Letter
Letter Writing Lesson Plan Grades 3-5
United States Postal Service

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