Celebrating with Orlando “Magic”: Deeper Root Academy

By: National School Choice Week Team

Deeper Root Academy is a Pre K to grade 5th grade private school in the greater Orlando area with a current enrollment of 81 students that focuses on teaching through the theory of Multiple Intelligence. The learning philosophy hinges on varied types of learning that extend beyond typical measurements.Those include musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic learning.

The students and their teachers at Deeper Root have participated in National School Choice Week for three years and each year, the celebration grows.

“We celebrate our parents’ choice to not only make an investment in their child’s education, but a conscious decision to find a learning environment that gives their child an educational experience that works best for the student and family,” said Dr. Angela Kennedy, owner and director of Deeper Root.

“Our parents add to their ‘village’ when they enroll.  Together, we work to celebrate each student for the gift they truly are.”

Each year, Deeper Root kicks off the week with a pep rally, complete with students waving their signature National School Choice Week yellow scarves. One day of the week is reserved for “Career Dress Up” day, where kids are encouraged to dress for the job they plan to have.

“We enjoy having a week of fun, celebration and cool activities that allow the students to show and take pride in their school.  It certainly helps the parents to become more committed to the choice they have made and want to continue to see the value it adds to their child.”

School Choice Week also provides a chance for those families to get outside of the school setting, and build a community bond.

“Our favorite celebration so far was attending the Orlando Magic Game as a school family and the students getting to stand on the court and high-five the players as they entered the court.  We got to take some great pictures with our School Choice Scarves courtside.  We really enjoyed the game and celebrating the choice we made to be a part of the Deeper Root Academy Family,” Kennedy said.

Even if a visit to a pro sports game isn’t possible, Kennedy encourages other schools to find a way to get out in the community with the positive message of school choice during the Week.

“Make your event memorable and absolutely engage not only the students, but the parents and community so children understand all of the people who are here to help them succeed,” Kennedy said.

Get Out in the Community

A great way to celebrate School Choice Week is to get out into the community, wearing your yellow NSCW scarves. Plan a school wide outing to a baseball game or another large community event, wearing school shirts and your NSCW scarves.

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