Let Students Lead the Way: Arlington Academy of Miami, Inc.

By: National School Choice Week Team

As a small non-religious private school in Miami Gardens, Florida, Arlington Academy stresses the importance of individualized student attention for success with a college preparatory focus. The school of 52 students in grades K – 12 supports students with autism, delayed learning, ADHD and other learning challenges. Arlington Academy has participated in National School Choice Week since the weeklong celebration began in 2011.

“Kids love to have fun so let them lead the way. Allow the children to provide ideas and to truly be creative and you’ll have a successful event.”

The school now celebrates school choice with a year-round focus.

“Arlington Academy’s National School Choice Week involvement became a year-round permanent task for us when we decided to add the National School Choice Week kit to decorate the school. We keep those decorations up all year to highlight on a daily basis why choice of school is so important,” said Aundrea Blye, director and principal of the Arlington Academy.

A favorite celebration of Principal Blye’s was when the students, faculty and staff worked at a local Fuddruckers restaurant during normal business hours, decked out in their signature yellow School Choice Week scarves. While the Arlington Academy family served customers, they answered questions about National School Choice Week and issues surrounding school choice in Florida.

“We are always looking for ways to voice the awareness of school choice options and to demonstrate to families that you really do have a choice in what type of education you want for your children,” said Blye.

Arlington Academy of Miami is committed to providing outstanding elementary, middle and high-school college preparatory education. The Academy distinguishes itself through the excellence of its instruction and by providing a challenging but supportive environment for its students. Their objective is to maximize the potential of each student and foster values of autonomy, responsibility and academic excellence.

For schools planning an event for the first time for National School Choice Week 2018, Blye said it’s important to make the students an integral part of the process.

“Kids love to have fun so let them lead the way. Allow the children to provide ideas and to truly be creative and you’ll have a successful event,” said Blye.  

Use NSCW as a Year-Round Springboard

National School Choice Week is a concentrated initiative to spotlight excellent choices in education – but schools can keep that momentum flowing year-round, like Arlington Academy. Consider a School Choice display case or a designated hallway to display student posters about how much they love your school. If your school is planning an event or spirit night out in the community, wear your yellow School Choice Week scarves – they make an excellent conversation starter.

How do you celebrate school choice all year long?


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