Spotlight on Small Schools: The Academy of Scholars

By: National School Choice Week Team

Smaller schools that celebrate National School Choice Week lend an important voice to the movement for increased school choice opportunities. Whether celebrating on campus, or taking awareness for school choice into the community, these participants make a positive impact.

The Academy of Scholars is a private Christian school serving 28 students in Jacksonville, FL. The students and staff at Academy of Scholars have participated in National School Choice Week for three years, with plans already in the works to celebrate in 2018.

“The National School Choice campaign is a campaign that promotes hope in the hearts of so many that may have been hopeless.”

The students always celebrate NSCW within the school walls using the signs and scarves from their free supply kit for. The classes also discuss the importance of school choice and what it means for them in Florida. There is always at least one event that happens off campus, however.

“My favorite celebration so far was in 2015 when we went to the historic Florida Theater in Jacksonville. The event was well-structured, creative and a lot of fun. My students raved about the 2015 celebration for weeks, months even,” Shevonica M. Howell, founder and CEO of Academy of Scholars, said.

Heading out into the community is a great way for Howell and her students to spread awareness for their school and to share the enthusiasm of the entire week with people who may not know about it otherwise.

“Our school will always participate in the National School Choice Week because we believe in having the privilege of choosing schools that are the choice of the families being served. The National School Choice campaign is a campaign that promotes hope in the hearts of so many that may have been hopeless,” Howell said.

Celebrating Small Schools during NSCW

Any National School Choice Week activity that spotlights the enthusiasm your students have for your school is a successful one. Find ways to engage the community, either through hosting an open house or wearing yellow scarves on a field trip. The excitement is contagious and will pique interest in school choice awareness in your community.

“Enjoy whatever you plan for National School Choice Week to the fullest. I know we always do,” Howell said.

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