Looking for ways to make the most out of your school's participation in National School Choice Week 2017? Check out these 2016 success stories.

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How to Plan an Educational Showcase - SySTEM Phoenix is a public charter school that serves students in grades 6 to 12. It focuses on STEM education in the central Phoenix area. The 2016 National School Choice Week celebration event at the school was its first – and it was a resounding success. Read more

How to Plan a Community Forum - Full Circle Classrooms of The North Shore is a K-3 Micro School with project-based learning and a nature component. National School Choice Week 2016 was the school’s first year participating, and it decided to host an event that highlighted the school while providing information about school choice in the Newburyport, Massachusetts area. Read more

How to Incorporate Community Leaders in Your Event - Lincoln Charter School in York, Penn. has participated in National School Choice for the past 5 years. As the first public-turned-charter conversion school in the state, Lincoln Charter School prides itself on the technology and leadership programs it provides its 700+ students in grades K-5. Read more

How to Plan a Student-Learning Event - Central Valley Home School in Kingsburg, Calif. has participated in National School Choice Week for the past three years. For National School Choice Week 2016, Central Valley Home School hosted a student luncheon and an assembly. A member of the Fresno Rock and Mineral Society brought his collection in to share with the students. Read more