Success Stories: Our Lady of Peace School

By: National School Choice Week Team

The teachers and students at Our Lady of Peace School take their School Choice Week celebration to a whole new level – transforming the school’s gymnasium into an inflatable fun house for a Tumbling Taco Day. Students are allowed to “dress down” out of their uniforms and have fun together. A special taco-in-a-bag lunch is provided and parents and grandparents are invited to attend and volunteer.

Our Lady of Peace is located in the hilltop area of Ohio and Marshall Counties in West Virginia. The school serves 205 students in grades PK to 8 and is the only Catholic school in Marshall County, West Virginia. The school was named National Catholic School of Tomorrow for Innovations in Education in 2016, 2013, and 2010.

“During National School Choice Week, our hallways are buzzing and our classrooms are full of activity. What’s not to celebrate?” Joyce Bibey, director of advancement and development at the school, said.

Students and families also take the celebration outside the school walls and wear the signature yellow National School Choice Week scarves to rally in Washington D.C. alongside other organizations.

“We really use the NSCW items to stand out and unify our events. Without school choice in our area, we could not participate in rallies and other events as a school family,” Bibey said.

Planning Your Own In-School Celebration

School Choice Week events don’t have to happen outside school walls, or even outside regular school hours. Planning an event that takes place during your normal school day and on campus is a convenient way to get involved – and it gives you a chance to get the students excited about being at school. Turning your gymnasium into an inflatable fun house is just one way to have fun during National School Choice Week. You could also play a pep rally or simple assembly. Want an easy way to get kids fired up for school choice? Have your students and staff learn the NSCW Dance and then perform is all together during the Week.

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