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#Schoolchoice TweetUP

National School Choice Week is quickly approaching and we encourage everyone to participate in our yearly #schoolchoice Tweetup! The goal of the Tweetup is to bring positive national attention to all K-12 educational opportunities and to spread the word about school choices to families in America.


How to participate?

Participating in our #schoolchoice Tweetup is easy! Anyone can participate by joining the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #schoolchoice on Jan 27 at 2 PM Eastern.

Add to Calendar

We encourage participants to share information about #schoolchoice Tweetup before and during the Tweetup event. To get started, you can download and share the images below.


What to tweet?

The #schoolchoice Tweetup is an opportunity to have a conversation about why every child deserves an excellent education! Your contributions to Tweetup can be as unique as you are, but here are some ideas to help:

  1. Commend a school or teachers who are helping students learn.
  2. Tell us why you selected your #schoolchoice and what makes it a great fit.
  3. Share your #schoolchoice success story
  4. Encourage families to find the right educational environment. Many people aren’t sure where to start, so share your tips or information from our website.
  5. Encourage families to visit your school and see if it would work for them.
  6. Invite people to attend your National School Choice Week event.

Whatever you tweet, make sure to use #schoolchoice!

Lastly, stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to receive more updates. Show your support National School Choice Week and #schoolchoice add a #Twibbon now here! Also, use and find our Facebook filter here.

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