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By: National School Choice Week Team

Last Upated: August 10, 2020

Free Resources for Schools Shifting Online During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the new coronavirus spreads throughout the country, more and more schools are canceling classes and shifting their in-person instructional time online. Many classroom teachers are now trying to understand the ins-and-outs of distance learning for the first time and looking for free online resources for schools. What does instruction look like? How do I ensure my students are still receiving high-quality education? Will I be able to track the learning that is taking place through online learning platforms for schools?

The good news is help is available! Many companies are offering teachers free or discounted access to their online learning platforms for schools during the pandemic. In the short term, a new education landscape is forming. We have put together a list of free online resources for schools, educators, and administrators to help them navigate these unfamiliar waters.

A new education landscape is forming and dozens of free resources are available for educators and administrators who are moving classes online due to coronavirus' spread. Click To Tweet

Whenever you are looking at utilizing a new online learning platform, it’s a good idea to check with your school and/or district to make sure it meets security and confidentiality guidelines. The NYC Department of Education recently reviewed the platforms being used by their educators and has decided to no longer permit the use of Zoom. Instead, they are offering training on Microsoft Teams. Zoombombing, where uninvited participants interrupt meetings, is prompting many schools and districts to take a closer look at how to protect students’ information. The University of Southern California has put together a list of setting changes that can help prevent zoombombing. Knoji also released this list of tips for Teachers and Parents. If the resources on our list meet confidentiality requirements (FERPA, COPPA, etc.) we have listed that information in the description!

We will continue to monitor and update the resources listed here as new ones become available. Know of a resource we missed? Reach out to us at to let us know.

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  • Bakpax

    Bakpax uses AI to read handwriting and grade assignments in seconds. With Bakpax, you can create and distribute work to your students. When students complete and upload their assignments on their devices, Bakpax will autograde them. As an educator, you can easily import or create/customize assignments and assign work, see what students completed correctly/what needs reteaching, and easily track student progress with detailed reports. Students can easily see what work needs to be completed by what date, easily complete and submit assignments, and get instant feedback. Students can complete assignments online, by completing on paper and taking a picture of their completed assignment, or download and edit a PDF. Free Services Offered: Free access to Bakpax through the end of 2020.

  • Buncee

    Buncee is an online platform to assist with remote student learning and communication. With Buncee you can create virtual lessons and assignments, have students virtually respond and reflect, share class lessons/learning resources, keep the discussion going, and share updates with your families. Buncee is COPPA certified. Free Services Offered: Free Buncee Classroom Plus accounts during the period of your closure.

  • Cisco Webex

    CISCO Webex is a platform that assists you in teaching virtually. You can plan and teach your classes, while keeping students engaged. Your free Webex Meetings plan gives you meetings with up to 100 participants, HD video, screen sharing, and a personal room. Free Services Offered: Free Webex Meetings plan.

  • ClassDojo

    ClassDojo is an online communications tool that has everything you need to stay connected with students and families. As an educator you can send direct messages to families, share lessons/announcements, and assign classwork to students. You can share activities that students can respond to from home via video, photo, journal entry, or drawing. Free Services Offered: Always free for teachers.

  • Classtime

    Classtime is a solution for classrooms that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on students' level of understanding. Classtime has an efficient assessment platform that gives immediate visibility of their learning progress, contains a curriculum-aligned question bank, and engages students with collaborative challenges. Free Services Offered: Upgrade to a FREE school license.

  • Edmodo

    Edmodo is a free distance learning toolkit. Send messages, share class materials, and make learning accessible anywhere. Families can receive class updates, support the learning that is taking place at home, see classroom activity, and monitor their child’s grades all from within the platform. Free Services Offered: Always Free.

  • Feedback Fruits

    FeedbackFruits is providing free access to their suite of tools that can integrate into your existing LMS system and support automatic grading. There are tools for Feedback (Group Member Evaluation, Peer Review, Skill Review, and Assignment Review), Activating Study Material (Interactive Study Material, Comprehension), Interactive Classrooms (Interactive Presentation), and Discussion (Discussion Assignments). The platform is FERPA compliant and meets compliance with the internationally recognized accessibility standard WCAG. Free Services Offered: Free access to the full suite of educational tools until regular teaching can resume (through at least December 2020).

  • Flipgrid

    Flipgrid is a social learning communications platform. Educators create grids, which are the meeting place for your class, and then discuss the topics you have uploaded. Your students can share their ideas, stories, and work by recording short videos based on the assigned topics and share them within the app. Free Services Offered: Always Free.

  • G Suite

    G Suite for Education allows educators to facilitate learning, keep track of tasks, and create opportunities for critical thinking. Google is giving all current customers free access to advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities. This allows for larger meetings (up to 250 participants), live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers, and the ability to record meetings and save them in Drive. Free Services Offered: Advanced Hangouts Meets video-conferencing for existing customers through September 30, 2020.

  • Kialo Edu

    Kialo Edu is an argument mapping and debate platform that provides visual representations of discussions and debates in an interactive tree of pro/con arguments. As a teacher, you can start a private discussion with any member of your class and provide feedback to students through the comment feature. Kialo can be used to host classroom debates, assess learning, and share knowledge. Free Services Offered: Always Free.

  • LanSchool

    LanSchool Air can help support emergency distance learning plans. The complimentary licenses are a turnkey e-learning solution that allows learning to continue without negatively impacting budgets. LanSchool Air supports distance teaching by offering Screen Monitoring (mimics the classroom environment, enabling teachers to provide assistance and encouragement to keep students on task), Messaging (makes it easy for teachers/students to stay connected and collaborate), Raise Hand (allows teachers to quickly address student questions in remote settings), and Integrations (Google Classroom, Clever, and more). Free Services Offered: additional complimentary LanSchool Air Licenses through July 1, 2020

  • Loop

    Loop is a communication platform that allows teachers to collect structured feedback from their students about their learning experience and wellbeing. As a teacher, you can enable anonymous responses, schedule questions, reply to feedback one on one or to groups of students, track changes over time, send announcements, and more. Your free teacher account gives you the ability to create 4 groups with up to 50 students per group. As the teacher, you can create your own questions or access the top 5 questions from the question bank. Free Services Offered: Free teacher account.

  • Neo

    Neo is a learning management system (LMS) that makes it easy to create and manage all learning activities such as building online classes, assessing students, enhancing collaboration, or tracking achievement. The platform supports competency-based learning that allows you to track student progress. You can create interactive assignments and utilize the gradebook that is built in for fast grading. Features within the platform can be enabled or disabled to fit the needs of your students. Free Services Offered: Neo is free for schools with up to 400 students, premium support for 14 days while you set up the site, and unlimited teacher/admin accounts

  • Otus

    Otus is a set of integrated classroom tools for students and teachers. Otus offers Learning Management (use classroom tools to effectively differentiate), Assessment Management (create assessments to measure performance) and Data Management (identify patterns in student growth) products. You can also upload data from tools that your district is already using (i-Ready, aimsweb, Smarter Balanced Assessment, PARCC, DIBELS, and more). Free Services Offered: Free access for educators.

  • Seesaw

    Seesaw is a platform that helps educators engage all learners, transform family engagement, and save time. Students explore a variety of tools to show what they know. Teachers then gain insights allowing them to meet students where they are. Connected families see student work and celebrate progress. Free Services Offered: Always Free

  • enables teachers to create an easy start hub for their classroom. This start hub makes it easy for students to stay organized and access all their educational resources and tools from home. You can share your pages securely with students, parents, and teachers. You build your start pages with links to lesson plans, education apps, games and other online resources. There is the option to embed news feeds, sticky notes or other inspirational videos. Free Resources Offered: Teachers PRO accounts are free for the rest of 2020.

  • Zoom

    Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows for both video and audio conferencing. For students who don’t have access to computers at home, but do have a phone, they can call in to join the meeting! Zoom’s free license allows you to have an unlimited number of video meetings that up to 100 students can join. There is also a chat feature that would allow your students to ask you questions while you are presenting. *Be sure to check to see if Zoom meets security & confidentiality requirements for your school/district* Free Services Offered: Free License.

  • Edpuzzle

    Edpuzzle is a platform that allows you to take any video and make it interactive! As the teacher, you can track if your students are watching the videos you assign and how many times they’ve watched it. You can add your own voice narration and questions to any video (you can use videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, Crash Course, and more). They even have the ability for you to record your own video and upload it. Edpuzzle is FERPA, COPPA, and CSPC compliant. Free Services Offered: The Basic plan is free and allows you access to video lessons, the ability to create your own videos, and storage for 20 videos.

  • Explain Everything

    Explain Everything is offering extended free access to Explain Everything Whiteboard. This virtual tool can be utilized for online scenarios by helping you create explanation videos. Within the platform you get infinite space to create, annotation tools to mark everything you have put on your canvas (including videos!), and all-in-one recording & editing features. Free Services Offered: Extended Free Access to Explain Everything Whiteboard through the end of July.

  • Genially

    Genially is a single tool to create all kinds of resources, presentations, games, interactive images, maps, illustrated processes, Cvs, etx. It is ideal for all levels of education and e-learning. Genially allows you to work in groups on a project and share your product. Free Services Offered:Free account wtih unlimited creations, views, and access to free templates/resources.

  • Kapwing

    Kapwing is a free multimedia editor that is designed for classrooms. Kpwing enables students to create videos and GIFs on any device collaboratively by sharing the project editor. It also helps teachers create and edit video lessons, presentations, and materials. You can upload, edit, and share files with a team in a single place. There are over 112 different tools located within the editor! Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to create an account or use the website unless explicitly permitted by a parent. Free account features: no watermarks, 250 MB file upload limit, publish videos up to 7 minutes long, publish up to 3 hours of video per month, edit and store content up to 7 days old, and full access to all tools. Free Services Offered: Free account with full tool access.

  • Loom

    Loom is a video recording tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos. With Loom, you can record your camera, microphone, and desktop simultaneously. Your video is then instantly available to share through Loom's patented technology. You can choose to record with Loom Chrome Extension or the Desktop App. Free Services Offered: Loom Pro is always free for students and teachers.

  • Nearpod

    Nearpod is an online platform that allows you to create interactive lessons in minutes. You can choose to import existing lessons, add in virtual field trips, create quizzes and polls, and even use matching pairs activities. Nearpod can also add these features to your presentations in Google Slides. As the teacher, you can synchronize and control the lessons across all student devices, evaluate student responses (individually or as a class), generate post-session reports, and even create game-based learning opportunities for your students! Free Services Offered: The Free Silver account level gives you storage space up to 50 MB, session size up to 40, lesson size up to 20MB, and access to all the basic features.

  • Pear Deck

    Pear Deck was founded by educators to help engage every student, every day. With the Google Slides add-on you can create interactive questions and prompts for slideshows. Once you have created your presentatio, you can either control the speed at which you present the material or allow students to move through at their own pace. Pear Deck even offers the ability to publish a notes document that shows the information from the session! Free Services Offered: Basic account is free, giving you: the ability to design interactive lessons, integration with Google adn Mcirosoft, control the pace, keep your students in sync, and access ready-to-teach templates.

  • Screencastify

    Screencastify is an online platform that helps with blended learning. You can add the Google Chrome Add-on to recording full or partial lessons, recording assignment solutions & explanations, and provide verbal student feedback. Screencastify also helps your students make their voices heard – great for speech and language practice! You can also save time by recording Professional Development, lesson plans, and parent communication. Screencastify is COPPA, FERPA, and SOPIPA compliant, and integrates with Google Drive and Google Classroom. Free Services Offered: Free Chrome Extension, ability to record up to 5 minutes per video with all recording features included. They do offer education discounts on the Unlimited Plan.

  • Squigl

    Squigl is a content creation platform that uses text-to-video software to increase student engagement and information retention. You can upload text into the platform, choose to use a pre-recorded voice or your own recording, and then the program will automatically add in pre-created drawings to match up with words from the text. Once your video has been created, you can change any icons that you would like! The platform translates text in 34 languages and easily integrates with Google and Microsoft for rostering, collaboration, and sharing. Free Services Offered: Free access to Squigl Pro for educators and students through August 31, 2020.

  • ViewSonic

    myViewBoard is a distance learning tool that provides Live Teacher-student Interactions (video sharing), Collaborative Learning Features (integrate lessons - LMS, shared whiteboarding, instant huddle groups), and Screen Sharing (deliver lesson slides, live annotations, cloud capture). Free Services Offered: Free access during the coronavirus outbreak.

  • is an online whiteboard tool for teachers and classrooms. Once you create a class and let your student join, everyone gets their own digital whiteboard. You as a teacher can see all of your students’ whiteboards in real time so you can follow your progress, however, your students can only see their whiteboard and the teacher’s whiteboard. No personal information is collected or stored, everything is deleted once you close out your classroom. As the teacher, you have full control of who gets let into the room by using the waiting lobby and locking the room once the class has started. allows you to insert images, backgrounds, arrows, shapes, text, and math symbols/expressions/equations. You can easily save aloof your student whiteboard images as a PDF file that will be saved locally on your device. Free Services Offered: Free classroom set up with access code.

  • Benchmark Education

    Benchmark Education is offering distance learning resources and experiences for free. You can get access to their eBook Library (available in English, Spanish, and dual language) through July 31, 2020. After you fill out the form on the website, you will receive an email with your login instructions. Books within the platform can be sorted by Lexile Level or guided reading levels, as well as grade and subject area. The books have built in audio with highlighting on screen to help learners track along with the story. They are also offering a live-stream literacy block on their facebook page at 1:00 for K-2 and 2:00 for 3-5. Their YouTube channel, Reycraft Books, is offering recorded read alouds of books. Free Services Offered: eBook Library access, live-stream literacy block, and recorded read alouds

  • Book Club for Kids

    Book Club for Kids is a free, 20-minute podcast devoted to middle grade books and readers. There are over 105 episodes! Each show features a trio of students discussing a favorite book, an interview with the author, and a celebrity reading. Some of the podcasts come with curriculum for you to complete with your students. Free Services Offered: Free to download episodes.

  • BoomWriter

    BoomWriter is a free writing app that helps teachers inspire and engage students in writing. BoomWriter offers a variety of tools, features, and resources that lets teachers conduct fiction, nonfiction, and vocabulary-focused writing assignments. BoomWriter inspires students to write on any subject and integrates easily with existing curriculum. Try it for ELA, Social Studies/History, Science, and even Math. Plus, parents and families can purchase published copies of the books and writing journals created on the site and student work can be stored in their digital portfolio. Free Resources Offered: Always Free

  • CommonLit

    CommonLit is a nonprofit education technology organization working to support all students with reading, writing, communication, and problem-solving skills. The CommonLit Literacy Midel is built on a foundation of over 2,000 high-quality free reading passages for grades 3-12, complimented by aligned interim assessments, growth oriented goals, and expert led teacher development. Teachers can assign Mini Units (short, self-paced thematic units for grades 5-12) and Text Sets (relevant reading passages from a variety of genres). Free Services Offered: Free account access for teachers and students.

  • Dreamscape

    Dreamscape is a free game-based learning platform for literacy. The game combines strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages to create a fun, curriculum-aligned literacy game! Dreamscape adapts to keep students in their zone of proximal development. Teachers get real time data in their dashboard to monitor progress. Free Services Offered: Always Free!

  • Elementari

    Elementari engages students to write their own story, working at their own pace. The platform provides illustrations to inspire stories, develop analytical thinking, and provide a source of pride for students in their personal writing and coding projects. Elementari is used around the world for writing in students native language and for second language learning. Teachers can review and give feedback on students’ stories remotely. Elementari is FERPA and COPPA compliant and has no ads. Free Services Offered: The Free plan allows you to read/publish unlimited stories, use of the free sounds and graphics, and create one classroom of up to 30 students.

  • Epic!

    Epic! is the leading digital library for kids 12 and under, and it is free for educators. With Epic! you instantly get access to 35,000 of the best books, learning videos, quizzes, & more. The books have a feature that will read aloud the story to your students. Free Services Offered: Always Free for Teachers.

  • Flyleaf Publishing

    Flyleaf Publishing has created an online portal as a free resource to help facilitate online reading instruction and learning. Materials are organized by their Phonics Scope and Sequence (VC/CVC words, CCVCC Words – blends, Compound Words, Multisyllabic Words, Words with Endings, Foundational Skills Consolidation, Consonant Digraphs, Long Vowels with Silent e, Sing Long Vowels & Patterns &soft c and g, R-controlled Vowels, Vowel Digraphs, Variant Vowel Digraphs, Dipthongs, and Advanced Letter-Sound Correspondences). Each book comes with a downloadable homework packet and SMART Board files. Free Services Offered: Free access to books and materials through the 2020-2021 school year.

  • Global Digital Library

    The Global Digital Library collects existing high quality open educational reading resources, and makes them available on the web, mobile, and for print. Resources are currently offered in 43 languages with a goal to provide 100 languages by the end of 2020. The platform will also translate the resources to over 300 languages. Free Services Offered: Always Free!

  • K12 - Big Universe

    High-interest literature is critical to sparking a student’s love for reading, especially in the formative years. With Big Universe, you can access 17,000+ leveled eBooks and balanced literacy tools available 24/7 on any device. This interactive program has engaging reading practice opportunities, such as read alouds, guided reading, interactive writing, writing workshops, and reading workshops. Free Services Offered: Free Access to Big Universe

  • Loving2Read

    Loving2Read is an endless library of free children's books! Kids will learn new science, reading, STEM, math, and other skills as they explore books. With the custom dashboard, you can see how many books your child has read. Free Services Offered: Always Free!

  • MetaMetrics - Lexile Word Lists

    MetaMetrics, the developer of the Lexile Framework for Reading, has created a resource of the most frequent science, math, social studies, and ELA words based on textbook programs in grades 1-12. These lists were created to address vocabulary gaps and prepare students for the academic words they will encounter in their learning. You create your own customized and downloadable wordlist in either PDF or Spreadsheet format. Simply select the grade, domain, contents and file format you wish to get and then download your list! Free Services Offered: Free, downloadable word lists of the most frequent words your students should know.

  • Quill

    Quill is a non-profit that provides teachers and parents with free, research-backed online tools that support classical writing instruction. The platform offers diagnostic assessments and independent practice activities that focus on grammar and sentence construction. From the diagnostic assessment, Quill generates individualized learning plans that have 10-15 minute activities with instant feedback. As students complete work teachers receive free, in-depth data reports on student performance. There are five writing tools integrated into the platform: Quill Connect, Quill Lessons, Quill Diagnostic, Quill Proofreader, and Quill Grammar. Quill is integrated with Clever and Google Classroom. Free Services Offered: Free teacher account with access to all five writing tools.

  • ReadWorks

    ReadWorks is an online platform with free content, curriculum, and tools to power teaching and learning from Kindergarten through 12th grade. You can use ReadWorks in three ways: Digital Classes (students highlight, annotate, and complete assignments online, teachers can access progress reports & automatic grading), Print, or Projector (project or use your smartboard for classroom instruction). Differentiation is offered through StepReads (less complex versions of original passages), Audio Versions (listen along to texts & questions), and support for ELL, SPED, and struggling readers. Free Services Offered: Always Free!

  • Read&Write

    Read&Write is a software toolbar that helps students create and access content with the literacy support features needed to engage with a personalized learning experience – helping every member of the class meet their full potential. The toolbar includes tools for Reading & Writing such as Text to Speech (reading documents aloud), Text & Picture Dictionaries (provides definitions and displays images to help with comprehension), Talk&Type (turns spoken word into text), and Check It (reviews writing for errors). There are also Researching Tools built into the toolbar such as Collect Highlights (saves highlighting from documents for summarizing/creating bibliographies), Simplify (removes ads/other copy on web pages) and Studying Tools like Audio Maker (converts text into an audio file) and Vocabulary List building. Free Services Offered: Always free for teachers!

  • Write Reader

    WriteReader is an online platform designed for students to create and share books. The books that they create have a spot for student text and adult text for feedback opportunities. WriteReader increases students digital writing skills through easy to use guidelines, inspiration, and tutorial videos. The platform comes with privacy options, teachers’ lock, comment moderation, and user management features. Free Resources Offered: Always Free

  • Carnegie Learning - iCulture for At-Home Language Learning

    iCulture offers immersion into Spanish, French, and German-speaking cultures through news articles, documentary-style videos and songs. iCulture is purposefully leveled and can be used with any program, bringing target cultures to life for students at all levels. Follow-up activities and resources enhance instruction along the way. You also have access to all the archives of materials published since 2009 plus consistently updated resources. Free Services Offered: Free program access through the summer of 2020.

  • Conjugemos

    Teach the verbs, vocabulary, and grammar of Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, Korean, and Latin through fun activities and games. This platform has engaging activities for practice and quizzes built right in. The free account will store up to 25 grades in their powerful and easy-to-use gradebook. Free Services Offered: Free accounts for teachers (unlimited access to public activities, up to 5 teacher-created activities, 25 stored grades) and students.

  • Carnegie Learning - Long + Live + Math at Home

    Carnegie Learning has put together an on-demand learning library of math lessons, skills practice resources, and at-home learning videos for grades 6-12. They are also offering access to MATHia, an online learning platform designed specifically for students to learn independently. As the teacher, you choose what content you would like students to learn and MATHia adapts to give students exactly what they need. MATHia offers personalized feedback, problem-specific guidance, real-time progress feedback, and LiveLab (live facilitation tool that allows you to monitor remote student work and offer live “office hours”). Free Services Offered: Free Access through the rest of the school year.

  • Didax

    Didax has a whole host of virtual manipulatives available online to enhance at-home learning. If you want to use any of the tools within your online learning platform, the tools can be embedded using the iframe command. You can download the iframe texts for each of the tools by following the link on their website. Free Services Offered: Always Free!

  • EquateIO

    EquatIO is software that allows you to create mathematical equations, formulas, and more directly on your computer. You can type, handwrite, or dictate any expression, and EquatIO will convert it to accurate digital math which then can be added into a Microsoft Word doc or G Suite apps with a click. As an educator, you can also create formative assessments and quizzes, facilitate learning through joint problem-solving activities, and accommodates students who have difficulty writing to participate. Features include an equation editor, graph editor, handwriting recognition, speech input, a mobile companion, Chrome workspace, and a screenshot reader (turns any equation across the web into editable math. Free Services Offered: Always free for teachers!

  • Free Math

    Free Math is an online platform that allows students to show their work step-by-step for your to review. Students create their assignments directly from problems in your assigned materials. As a teacher, you can simultaneously review all assignments and analytics show where students struggled. Free Math integrates with Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard, and more. Free Services Offered: Always Free!

  • I Know It

    I Know It is a popular math practice site for students in grades K through 5. There are over 500 common core aligned math lessons. You can create class rosters, assign lessons, and track student progress. There is an easy-to-navigate interface that lets students get started quickly with easy-to-understand explanations and helpful hints. Free Resources Offered: Free access for 90 days (can contact for an extension if closed longer).

  • ORIGO Education

    ORIGO Education is offering a collection of free math learning resources to support teachers, parents, and caregivers as they strive to keep students engaged and continually learning. ORIGO at Home features free weekly, digital plans for home use. These weekly plans contain activities for each day, along with digitally accessible or downloadable resources, designed for delivery by a parent, caregiver or remote teachers. Teachers or caregivers simply choose a grade level and start at Week 1. The lesson plan format provides everything needed for instruction and is written so it can be implemented outside of the classroom. Students can engage in the work on a device or resources can be downloaded for printing. In addition, most of the student resources are available in Spanish. Free Services Offered: 9 Free Weekly Lesson Plans for Pre-K through Grade 6.

  • Prodigy

    Prodigy is an engaging, curriculum-aligned math platform for students and teachers from 1st – 8th grade. The platform encourages self-paced math practice for both in and out of school that is leveled based on your students progress. Prodigy meets ESSA Tier 3 in partnership with John Hopkins University. Your students can work through topics based on their levels or you can assign specific skills for them to complete; all while they think they are playing a game! State test prep is also available to assign. Free Services Offered: Always Free.

  • Tailor-ED

    Tailor-ED provides holistic learning experiences tailored to the needs of the teacher, the classroom, and each and every student. The Teacher Basic Plan is free and includes K-8 standard aligned math resources, smart differentiated lesson tools, and SEL-based exit tickets. You can create up to 4 units with the free teacher account. Free Services Offered: Always Free.

  • Take Charge Today

    Take Charge Today is a program and curriculum with a decision-based approach to personal finance for Grades 7-12. The program provides a consistent framework for thinking through financial choices in order to improve well-being. They provide educators with ready-to-teach, activity-based lesson plans. Free Services Offered: Always Free

  • Zearn Math

    Zearn is a comprehensive math program that supports teachers in creating engaging daily learning where all kids deeply learn and love math. Zearn Math brings together hands-on teaching and immersive digital learning, resulting in multiple pathways into math concepts and more opportunities for support. Zearn has top-rated coherent intervention materials and implementation tools to make Zearn Math work for your classroom. Free Services Offered: The K-5 curriculum is available for free.

  • Certell

    Certell is a collection of forever free social studies content that is created by teachers, for teachers. It is trusted, standards-based, media rich, digitally delivered content at your fingertips across any device. They over everything you need to teach a subject, digitally accessible in one place for economics, government, and American history. Free Services Offered: Always Free Social Studies Content

  • GSD Network

    The GSD Network provides Global Studies curriculum to teachers and students. There are currently two programs available on their website: Afghanistan and India (Somaliland is in progress!). The Afghanistan curriculum shares the epic tale of an unlikely partnership between the GSD team and teens from Afghanistan which blossoms into a youth movement where they are leading the way toward a new future. The India curriculum uncovers the invisible threads that link social values, psychological oppression, and the culture of global gender bias. Free Resources Offered: All programs are free and can be taught virtually.

  • Read to Know

    Read to Know is a weekly current events-based program. It presents engaging and important stories from around the world in a newsmagazine format. Each story is presented with background information that enhances learning across the curriculum. Students learn geography, history, civics, arts and culture, and science in the context of news stories. Read to Know can be used by individual students, family study sessions, and in online group settings. The program provides new and culturally relevant content every week. Regular use of this resource builds background knowledge (a critical element of literacy), vocabulary, reading fluency, and critical thinking. Free Services Offered: Free access for the rest of the school year.

  • Seminary Ridge Museum

    During this time of digital learning, the Seminary Ridge Museum is offering access to their student-paced digital lessons free of charge. Their educators have developed virtual lessons that harness the power of Nearpod Student Engagement software to create a learning experience rich on subject matter and skill-building activities. Content and assessment are packaged together in Nearpod, creating a seamless experience for teachers and students alike. On the education page, you will find Lessons for High School and Middle School as well as Information for Classroom Educators. Free Services Offered: Free access to digital lessons.

  • Seterra

    Seterra is the ultimate map quiz site. You can use already created geography and science quizzes to review learned information. Through these quizzes you can explore the world and learn about its countries, capitals, cities, rivers, lakes, and more. With your free account you can create custom quizzes, add custom locations to quizzes, and use a public leaderboard. Free Services Offered: Free Level 1 Seterra Geography Membership through September 30, 2020.

  • The National Constitution Center

    The National Constitution Center offers free online civic learning opportunities, including Scholar Exchanges (live virtual conversations where students learn about the Constitution while interacting with a scholar). Teachers can also sign up for Classroom Exchanges where classes interact directly with other classes across the US to discuss constitutional issues. Interactive Constitution resources, such as videos, interpretations, blogs and podcasts, are also available. Daily live constitutional conversations for middle school, high school, and college students are available through Zoom. Free Services Offered: Free lectures, civil dialogue sessions, daily live constitutional conversations, classroom exchanges, and resources.

  • The White House Historical Association

    The White House Historical Association has put together virtual education resources for learners of all ages to utilize. The resources are broken up into two grade level spans, K-5 and 6-12. They have curated content such as resources packets, reading lists, short educational videos, historical essays, and a digital library of White House and presidential images. They have also made available a virtual tour of the White House. Free Services Offered: Free virtual education resources.

  • World Trade Press

    Company with six K-12 educational databases: ABC World Culture, ABC World Food, ABC Food America, ABC The USA, ABC Maps Online, and ABC Lingo Lite. Each database covers a specific topic area and contains engaging, entertaining, and highly relevant content with thousands of photos, videos, maps, historic timelines, biographies, and more. Free Services Offered: Free access through at least September 15, 2020.

  • Mystery Science

    Mystery Science offers science lessons in English and Spanish for Kindergarten through 5th Grade. There are full and mini-lessons available with out having to create an account. Full Lessons come with a hands-on activity. You can also create a free account to access even more lessons. Free Services Offered: Free lessons available without signing up for an account; Free account available.

  • Science Music Videos

    Science Music Videos is an interactive AP Biology course that has engaging content and a variety of interactive activities (quizzes and flashcards to provide immediate reinforcement of the material). Teachers can assign portions of the course to their students and track their progress. Students can also work independently and track themselves! Free Services Offered: Free teacher subscriptions (length of time varies based on when you sign up).

  • AAC Language Lab

    The AAC Language Lab offer real-life solutions in support of language development for students who use augmentative and alternative communication. Interactive materials have been designed for Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), Educators and Parents. With over 50 years of experience in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) PRC-Saltillo is pleased to offer this unique online resource. Free Services Offered: Free 2-month subscription

  • ASL eBooks and Resources

    This is an ongoing compilation of free resources available online, and this document will be continually updated with new links. New resources will be added to the TOP of the appropriate category for easy visibility. Here are the categories of resources: Temporary Free Resources, ASL Storybook Readings by age, ASL Storytelling, Basic ASL & Vocabulary, Deaf Culture, Preschool – Grade 8 Breakdowns, ASL Songs, Science, Social Studies, ELA, and For Parents. Free Services Offered: Ongoing free list of resources.

  • AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom

    AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom offers a range of resources designed for AAC implementation. The materials provided can be used to teach and model core words throughout the day. You will find materials such as printable core word displays, planners for teaching core words during common activities, Core Word of the Week planners and displays, and resources & references for AAC implementation. There is also a section of the website dedicated to using core words at home. Free Services Offered: Always free

  • Boardmaker

    To help educators, parents, and learners during this time of need, the Tobii Dynavox team has gathered their resources and created Coronavirus materials within them. There are resources for Communicating about Coronavirus: topic pages for Snap Core First, activities and resources, videos to get started, and Hospital Intensive Care Unit Communication Resources. You can also access these resources: Pathways (free Snap Core First companion App), 30-day free trial to Boardmaker Online and Boardmaker Activities-to-Go (free, ready-made activities). Free Services Offered: Communication Materials, Activities to go, and a free trial to Boardmaker.

  • Capti

    Capti is a text to speech anywhere platform. You can sign up for a free account that has the following features: text to speech for reading; speech tracking word by word; fonts, colors, masking, etc.; cross-device sync; screen-reader accessibility; advanced text navigation; and offline use. There is a Chrome Browser Extension that applies these features to any webpage and also allows the import of articles/text/images/documents to Capti. You can save to Capti from links, phone, computer, Drive, Dropbox, Bookshare, Project Gutenberg as rich text format. Free Services Offered: Free Account

  • Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities

    The challenge of the Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities is to address learner variability by conducting research to make online learning more accessible, engaging, and effective for students with disabilities, for whom traditional forms of education have been only moderately successful and the precipitous growth in online instruction threatens to exclude. To address these issues, the Center will assume a leadership role in conducting research and building a network of research collaborators representing a wide array of disciplines whose expertise impacts learner outcomes. Free Services Offered: Publications and Resources (UDL Scan Tool, VPAT List, State Policy Guide, and Resource Documents)

  • Control Alt Achieve

    This website offers a list of Chrome extensions for students with special needs. The blog lists over 30 Chrome web extensions that can assist students in five main categories: text to speech, readability, reading comprehension, focus, and navigation. Free Services Offered: Free list of Chrome Extensions

  • Coronavirus Social Narrative - Autism Little Learners

    Simple social story to help children understand the changes in their routines, as well as understand the stress and anxiety by the adults around them. This social story is available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Vietnamese. Free Services Offered: Free Social Story

  • Glean Start Coaches Newsletter

    List of resources to help special education students and families during home learning. Resources are available in the following categories: visuals & social stories, parent guides, language arts & reading, math, additional academic resources, and social skills/social emotional skills. Free Resources Offered: Free read!

  • Guide to starting Home Learning for Parents of kids & teens with autism

    The Teachers Pay Teachers account Curriculum for Autism, run by Kristen who is a single mom to a young adult with autism, has a free guide to starting home learning for parents of kids & teens with autism. This guide provides support and reassurance as parents start having to educate their child/children at home. Free Services Offered: Free Guide

  • Helperbird

    Helperbird is a browser extension that gives you features to help make websites accessible. The extension includes features such as dyslexic fonts, an immersive reader layout, changing of font sizes, screenshots, reader mode, Google Translate (over 23 languages), color blindness underline, and color blindness text stroke. Works on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Free Services Offered: Free download of the extension.

  • Special Education with Pat

    Pat Noonan is a special education teacher from Methuen, MA, who has launched a YouTube channel dedicated to putting out weekly videos for students with autism and intellectual disabilities. The videos incorporate Boardmaker pictures into a familiar TV show format that students enjoy (think Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, etc). Each video comes with 3 companion worksheets that are linked in the video description. Free Services Offered: Free videos and downloadable worksheets.

  • Special Needs for Special Kids

    This site is the home for a remote learning experience for students with moderate and severe disabilities. Until this current crisis ends, the site will provide quality lessons and activities for teachers and parents to utilize. There are currently 3 modules available, each lasting for 2 instructional weeks. Should there still be a need the next series of modules will be uploaded March 30, 2020. Free Services Offered: A series of free two-week modules in science, social studies, and literature topics.

  • Stages Learning Language Builder ARIS Curriculum

    Stages Learning is giving free lessons, materials, activity sheets, data tracking sheets, behavior management tools, and a basic overview of how to use the system to those who are working with children with autism or other special needs at home. These materials are a sampling of lessons and are 100% free to families. Free Services Offered: ARIS Emergency Home Education Program Overview, Language Builder ARIS Manual – Abbreviated for Home Use, 34 Downloadable Lesson Plans for Early Autism Education, and 56 Language Builder Picture Cards for Download.

  • Tar Heel Reader

    Tar Heel Reader is a collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces, including touch screens, the IntelliKeys with custom overlays, and 1 to 3 switches (instructions are available online). You can also write your own books using pictures from the huge collection in the platform or that you upload. The website is available in multiple languages. Free Services Offered: Free, accessible books.

  • Think Inclusive COVID-19 Special Education Resources

    Think Inclusive has put together a list of news articles, blog posts, videos, webinars, and other information that they think are useful during this time of great uncertainty. The resources are broken into the following categories: latest news, remote learning, webinars/videos, coronavirus explainers, online resources offering free trials/access, opinion, blog posts, and authors reading books. Free Services Offered: Free resource list that is updated daily.

  • TouchMath

    TouchMath is a multisensory math program that makes critical math concepts appealing and accessible for students who struggle to understand grade-level content. TouchMath is committed to maximizing student potential through its worldwide delivery of hands-on math programs, cultivating success with individuals of all abilities and learning styles. To help keep students on track, TouchMath is providing free resources: Workbooks (organized by grade level and topic, 56 activity sheets in each), Free Stuff page has downloadable samples, Desktop TouchLines free to download, and all TouchMath Apps are free in the App Store for iPad and Google Play. Free Services Offered: Workbooks, downloads, TouchLines, and Apps

  • Vizzle

    Vizzle is digital and engaging standards-aligned content for all learners. As the teacher you can quickly assign standards-aligned content from a variety of subjects. Vizzle automatically collects data to help you determine student proficiency of individual learning targets. There are teacher-driven student profiles with gamified progress pages and animated reinforcers to motivate and engage students. Vizzle was created based on significant research and evidence demonstrating the efficacy of an interactive visual language approach to educating students with special needs. Free Services Offered: Free Access through August 1, 2020.

  • AVID Open Access

    AVID Open Access provides practical, bite-size tips and grab-and-go lesson plans and teaching resources. The platform offers easy-to-use, standalone STEM activities for various grade levels as well as subject-specific and grade-level appropriate examples that illustrate how teachers can meaningfully embed digital tools in lessons to meet their learning objectives. These resources show teachers how to engage with both technology and people, so that students get more out of instruction. Free Services Offered: Free access to collaboration tools, videos, and class activities.

  • CMU CS Academy

    CMU CS Academy is a curriculum to introduce your students to Python programming. The curriculum is a free online, interactive high school computer science curriculum. Daily webinars are provided for educators interested in learning more. Free Services Offered: Always Free

  • Full Steam Ahead

    MIT has created Full STEAM Ahead, a website to help educators teach online. They have created K-12 Learning Packages are a set of resources designed around a theme to inform, inspire, and activate the minds of learners from elementary through high school. Each package has activities broken down into K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. The packages are available on the site, but contain a combination of materials that can be used offline and online. Free Services Offered: Weekly STEAM packages released every Monday Starting March 23.

  • Numerade

    Numerade hosts the largest STEM video library in the world – over 200,000 step-by-step solutions to the top STEM textbooks across secondary and postsecondary education. The explanations are listed by textbook, simply find your book and choose the section you would like help with. Students can also access full length courses with conceptual content videos covering every topic within the subject. For Educators, Numerade allows unlimited posting of video lectures for your students to access in a “remote classroom setting”. The platform allows you to create and post a video in less than 10 minutes. Free Services Offered: Free step-by-step solutions to popular textbook questions, full length courses, and a free “remote classroom setting” where you can post videos of lessons for students to access.

  • PCS Edventures - Blocksmith 3D Coding & Design

    PCS Edventures instills a passion in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics in students in grades K-12. Blocksmith 3D Coding & Design is a tool for students to explore 3D modeling, animation, programming, and video game design. Students in grades 4-12 explore topics in technology, robotics, and coding. The free trial includes Blocksmith administrator account setup where you can manage and oversee the progress of unlimited student accounts, free BlocksmithXR Builder app for unlimited device downloads (online access is available), and access to 4 chapters of the Classic Games Quest with opportunities for team or classroom collaboration. Free Resources Offered: Blocksmith 3D Coding & Design Trial (through June 15, 2020) & downloadable STEM/STEAM activities!

  • Penjee

    Penjee is a place where you can learn how to code with the python language. Start right away with the tutorial. Whenever you solve a challenge, a green button will be shown. Click it to move to the next step. Each task is guided with hints, directions, and solutions if you get stuck! Free Resources Offered: Free access for the remainder of the school year in 2020 (through at least July).

  • STEM from the START

    STEM from the START is a curriculum resource for teaching STEM content to PreK-2 students. Blending animated adventures with guided activities, these free lessons are engaging, effective, easy to prepare and aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Discovery Breaks are questions posed directly to students where the video is designed to be paused to engage and explore with activities found in the Discovery Guide. Free Services Offered: Always Free!

  • Tynker

    Tynker is the #1 coding platform for kids – Tynker fuels creativity in thousands of schools and powers the imagination of 60 million kids worldwide. In the platform you can access 40+ aware winning block & text-based courses and over 3,700 learning modules. Tynker is broken down into three age groups: Ages 5-7 (voice instructions); Ages 7-13 (drag and drop coding); and Ages 13+ (real world coding). For teachers looking to utilize this platform, webinars are available to help you use the features in a remote learning environment. Free Services Offered: Free Access to the entire Platform until May 2020.

  • Vidcode

    Vidcode is a computer science curriculum and coding platform. The courses teach computer science, object-oriented programming, web programming, design, & JavaScript. Learners can upload photos, illustrations, videos, and audio – and manipulate them with code right away! This allows tweens and teens to connect computer programming to the media they interact with every day. Webinars are available to help you get started. Free Services Offered: Full platform and Curriculum for free until May 2020.

  • Actively Learn

    Ready-to-go ELA, science, and social studies assignments, curriculum units, premium features, and more are free! Teachers can upload unlimited content and easily create engaging assignments, give students real-time feedback, quickly set up student collaboration, use Extra-Help scaffolds for struggling students, assess student progress, and more. And now students have access to a new independent reading library, too. The articles can be translated into over 100 languages and progress monitoring tools allow you as the teacher to easily see what supports are being used and provide feedback.Our experts are giving free webinars every day to answer questions. Free Resources Offered: The current platform is free through July 31, 2020.

  • Age of Learning – ABCmouse, Adventure Academy, ReadingIQ Early Learning Academy is a comprehensive, research-validated curriculum for preschool through second grade, available on all major digital platforms and used by tens of millions of children to date. Adventure Academy is a first-of-its-kind educational massive multiplayer online game, serving elementary and middle-school aged children with thousands of learning activities in a fun and safe virtual world. ReadingIQ is a digital library and literacy platform for children 12 and under designed by reading experts to improve literacy skills, with many thousands of expert-curated books from leading publishers. Free Services Offered: Free Full Access.

  • BreakoutEDU

    Breakout EDU is an immersive learning games platform that brings the challenge of an escape room to the classroom. All Breakout EDU games require players to use critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. The purchase of each Breakout EDU kit includes a unique collection of boxes, re-settable locks, and access to a digital platform with over 1,500 games. Free Services Offered: A collection of digital games that students can play.

  • Curriculum Associates

    Curriculum Associates have put together printable at-home activity packs that are designed to provide students with valuable self-directed exercises and practice during extended absences from school. Each pack provides practice reinforcing key concepts for that grade. Teacher Guides are also provided on the website that give you an answer key for the packet. Free Services Offered: Free Math and ELA packets for Grades K-8.

  • Curriki

    Curriki is building an OPEN and Free content development environment, toolkit, and ecosystem for a tech-first generation of learners. It is bringing the most engaging, innovative, and impactful digital learning experiences to students. Free Services Offered: Library of free learning resources.

  • EverFi

    EVERFI empowers educators to bring real-world learning into the classroom and equip students with the skills they need for success. EVERFI's digital curricula empower teachers to bring critical skills education into the classroom. The interactive, game-based lessons help prepare students in the following topics: Financial Education, STEM & Career Readiness, Social & Emotional Learning, Health & Wellness, Cultural Literacy and Summer Learning. Free Services Offered: Always free for educators.

  • Facts4Me

    Facts4Me is an online reference tool for primary readers of English. This site is written by teachers and is committed to offering high-quality, educationally-sound information in an ad-free, child-safe environment. Teachers can have elementary students look up information for research projects here! Free Services Offered: Always Free!

  • Fiveable

    Fiveable is a social learning platform for AP students to learn collaboratively. They can learn through live reviews, live trivia games, and study guides. There is a team of teachers, exam readers, and rockstar students who produce interactive content every week. As a teacher, you get a free dashboard that allows you to add students and assign live or pre-recorded events. Free Services Offered: All of the content is free!

  • Freckle

    Freckle empowers teachers to differentiate instruction across Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science. Students automatically work on the Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Science lessons that are perfect for them. That way, they are always engaged and challenged, never facing material that is too difficult or easy for them. You know exactly how they’re doing – With Freckle’s easy to use reports, you can quickly see how all of your students are performing across standards and skills. Freckle offers content for the following subjects and grade levels: Math K-9, ELA K-12, Social Studies K-12, and Science K-8. Free Services Offered: Always Free for teachers.

  • Gamilab

    Gamilab is an online platform where you can find and create easy, fun and educational games. You can create fun quizzes or full curriculum learning games by using over 40 different interactive content types, 30,000 questions from the question bank, adding your own questions, or importing your Quizlet sets. As the teacher, you share your game with your students through a custom playcode. You also receive feedback on player performance! Free Services Offered: Free for schools and individuals.

  • GoNoodle: Good Energy at Home

    GoNoodle is a company focused on engaging kids with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. As an educator, you have free access to 100s of movement and mindfulness videos for the classroom! For the summer, GoNoodle has released a free online resource called "Good Energy at Home" with free videos and activity ideas that can be accessed on their website. How to Use: Visit the website and sign up today!

  • inquirED - Together When Apart

    Together When Apart is a free inquiry-based distance learning curriculum. The curriculum includes weekly interdisciplinary inquires that explore the question: How can we stay together when we’re apart? The work that goes with each day should take about 20 minutes, and the mini-inquiry builds over the week and guides students to create a project that shows their learning. The Learner Inquiries are broken into K-2 and 3-5. Free Services Offered: One weekly inquiry for free each week.

  • Izzit

    Izzit offers free, high-quality educational materials to educators. All of the videos come with additional resources - Teachers Guides, activities, quizzes, and more! There are also two Current Event lessons each school day with vocabulary words and discussion questions. Free Services Offered: Always free!

  • Kahoot!

    Self-paced challenge mode is a free feature that’s already available for all educators. Students can complete self-paced games by themselves at home, on a mobile device, or computer. Teachers can use advanced reports to facilitate formative assessment and adjust instruction based on student performance – even then they cannot attend school. Kahoot! Premium also lets teachers put together a bank of school-wide educational games and collaborate with other teachers in their school. Free Services Offered: Free access to Kahoot! Premium for the remainder of the academic year.

  • KET's PBS Learning Media

    PBS Learning Media has curated a special collection of resources organized by grade and subject area. Find videos, lesson plans, and activities that support learning at home. Teachers can create a free account to save and organize the content. You can plan and adapt the lessons in creative ways, using the Lesson Builder tool, Google Classroom, Remind, and more. For early educators - there are assembled packets of printable activities to download and share. Free Services Offered: Free Resources sorted by grade and subject.

  • Legends of Learning

    Legends of Learning is an online, game-based learning platform for middle school & elementary classrooms. There are over 2000 math and science games and simulations for grades 1-8 across 350+ learning objectives. Elementary and Middle School teachers can find a game for every lesson that meets national and state standards. There are two main types of games: content mastery and question based. You can create custom playlists for individuals and groups within your class, allowing you to differentiate learning. The games will give you real-time analytics through the dashboard. The free teacher account gives you unlimited access to games, randomized assessments, ability to share assignments with colleagues, student-level data, and Google integration! Legends of Learning is COPPA and FERPA compliant. Free Services Offered: Free account for you and your students.

  • Listenwise

    Listenwise is a collection of daily current events and standards-aligned lessons, along with assessment tools to support distance learning. You can search 2000+ collection of ELA, Social Studies, science, and current event lessons to assign students listening comprehension questions and/or listening organizers. As the teacher, you can assign listening comprehension quizzes and track student progress in your Listenwise data dashboard and keep students on track with their learning by asking them to listen to relevant, engaging, podcasts and participate in online discussions in Google classroom. Free Services Offered: Free premium account through April 30th (can extend if your school is still closed).

  • PowerMyLearning - Family Playlists

    Family Playlists is a mobile-friendly resource available in multiple languages that engages families in the learning taking place at school! Teachers assign a Family Playlist to their students and they complete the first three steps independently (review, practice, and check understanding). The family partners receive a text message in their preferred language with a link to open a mobile-friendly version of a collaborative learning activity. The students lead their family through the activity! Family partners can provide feedback to the teacher and send photos. Free Resources Offered: Family Playlists program to all schools/districts impacted through August 2020.

  • Scholastic Learn at Home

    Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each build around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin! This resource offers 5 days of cross-curricular journeys for the following age groups: Pre-K and K, Grades 1 and 2, Grades 3-5, and Grades 6+. Free Services Offered: Full access for 4 weeks worth of content.

  • SplashLearn

    SplashLearn is a premium game-based learning program that intelligently adapts to each child’s skill level and helps them master appropriate skills for Math and Reading at their own pace. SplashLearn is Common Core curriculum-aligned and covers PreK through Grade 5. The program comes with a separate parent/teacher dashboard which allows them to track children’s progress and identify areas of need. SplashLearn is FERPA and COPPA compliant. Free Services Offered: Free for teachers and schools.

  • Varsity Tutors - Virtual School Day

    Varsity Tutors has launched “Virtual School Day”, a free program that includes live, online classes and educational resources intended to help keep students from sliding academically and to help parents with homeschooling. With Virtual School Day, each student receives 30 hours a week of free, high-quality live, online instruction led by an expert tutor with experience in the course topic. Core content is covered such as K-12 Math, ELA, K-12 Science, and expert-led study hall sessions for students to receive personal attention when completing homework assignments from school. Enrichment classes, such as Secrets of Staying Healthy for elementary school students and History of the National Parks and Careers for high school students, are also available. Free Services offered: Free Online Live Classes and Free Virtual Summer Camps.

  • Wide Open School

    Wide Open School brings together big names across education, technology, and media to create a free, one-stop shop site for education resources for K-12 students, teachers, and parents. The site has an interactive daily schedule customized to your student’s age range, a list of live virtual events (such as story times and concerts), and links to materials for every school subject. All the materials are free and vetted for quality by Common Sense. There are Spanish materials available. The website also offers resources that can be used offline as well as lists of sites that are accessible on cell phones. Free Services Offered: Free resources, materials, daily schedules, and lists of live virtual events.

  • Better World Ed

    Better World Ed has put together a free Coronavirus Learning Unit for educators and students. This learning Unit discusses why learning about the virus matters, offers videos & resources, has reflection questions, suggests ways to involve your students, and provides a reading list. Free Resources Offered: Free Learning Unit

  • Canva for Education

    Canva for Education is a creativity tool that you and your students can use for project-based learning and creating presentations, infographics, websites, reports, worksheets, posters, flyers, and signage! Canva for Education was created to be easy for students to use, it is a drag and drop platform. Canva is optimized for Chromebooks, works with Google Classroom rostering, and is COPPA/FERPA compliant. Free Services Offered: Canva for Education is free for educators!

  • Common Sense Education Digital Learning Agreement

    Common Sense, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all kids and families, has created and shared a Digital Learning Agreement. This agreement was created for parents and/or teachers to use to set a positive culture of digital citizenship for distance learning. The form can be copied or downloaded, and it is editable so you can add or delete the items to fully match your learning environment. Available in English and Spanish. Free Services Offered: Free, editable form in English and Spanish

  • Conscious Discipline

    Conscious Discipline is trauma-informed, evidence-based social emotional learning curriculum. The curriculum is based on four essential components: conscious discipline brain state model, seven powers for conscious adults, creating the school family, and seven skills of discipline. Conscious Discipline is offering access to virtual professional development, trauma webinars, free premium resources, and a free resource membership. Free Services Offered: Webinars, digital SEL (social-emotional learning) library memberships, SEL how-to articles, family management tips and resources, and digital/printable student activities (including coronavirus 101 materials).

  • COVID-19 Educational Resources

    This is a master resource list that is updated continuously. The GLIDE tool appears like an app, however it is a web-based tool. Within the GLIDE you can search for specific resources by typing in the search bar or utilize the categories. Educators from around the world have been sharing and submitting resources to this tool. If you have resources to share, you can also add them by using the + sign at the top of the tool and filling out the form.

  • Educator Temporary School Closure for Online Learning

    This is a facebook group of over 46,000 educators created to support each other in planning distance or online learning due to school closures for COVID-19. There are tons of ideas and resources shared in an ongoing manner, and many teachers are linking up to collaborate from across the country. From this group, a number of break-out groups focused on specific content areas/roles have been created.

  • Emotional ABCs Classroom

    Emotional ABCs Classroom is a teacher-led, research-based Social Emotional Learning curriculum that provides teachers (K-3) with 20 sequential Workshops, support materials, and a flexible structure for classroom instruction. The curriculum aligns with all 5 of CASEL core competencies of Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making, and Relationship Building. The flexible Workshop format easily combines with other lesson plans and any related Common Core Standards are listed! Free Services Offered: Free program access for teachers!

  • The Epic eBook of Web Tools & Apps

    The Epic eBook of Web Tools & Apps is a free, crowdsourced guide by educators for educators. This guide was created as a “go-to” resource for educators as they integrate technology into their classroom. Right now, there are 90 different resources included in the eBook. Each resource has pages of information that will help you get started, including a summary of what the tool does, how to set it up, tips, and ideas on how to use it! Free Services Offered: Free eBook access.

  • Excel Easy

    Excel Easy is a website that offers free, easy to follow tutorials that walk you through different functions and commands in Microsoft Excel. The tutorials are broken up into sections: Introduction, Basics, Functions, Data Analysis, and VBA (Visual Basics for Applications). The step-by-step examples include picture references so that you can see where you should click and what your spreadsheet should look like. Free Services Offered: Free examples and tutorials.

  • Google App Teacher Tutorials

    Teacher Tutorials is an excel spreadsheet that has tutorial links for all of the Google Apps, as well as 11 additional apps. You will find links for tutorials for just about anything that you need to do! At the top of the spreadsheet is a link to Parent/Student tutorials that you can share with your students and their families! Free Services Offered: Free tutorials

  • Inkshed

    Inkshed is a resource created by high school students for elementary school students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Inkshed team creates art, writing, music, and theater video lessons to share their love and passion for the arts. In art, the lessons are easy tutorials that require only a pencil and paper. They start with basics such as shapes and shading, and lead to drawing complex facial features. In music, students learn about genres of music, music around the world, musical notation, and music in the movies. In writing, the lessons break down storytelling, and talk about characters, perspectives, and the relationship between writers and readers. Each video includes writing games and prompts for students to follow, and questions to spark discussion. Theater videos talk about emotions, body language, and how to perform dramatic writing. Each video has games for students to practice their acting skills and includes examples of other students acting out scenes. Each video is 10-20 minutes long, with new ones coming out every week! Free Services Offered: Free writing, art, theater, and music lessons.

  • KwikSurveys

    KwikSurveys is an online assessment tool that allows you to create and easily distribute customized quizzes. The platform offers features such as a quiz timer, custom messaging to students based on scores, and tracking for completion. You can also utilize A/B split testing if you would like. Students can respond on any device they have access to. The quizzes are automatically scored, and the data is compiled as charts and graphs in a professional digital report. Free Services Offered: The Pro plan is free for schools and teachers.

  • Learn Everywhere

    Yes. Every Kid. has put together a Facebook group called Learn Everywhere. This is a community of resources, of support and access. Whether you’re a parent with a child at home, an educator in search of material, or a curious student, this group will let you share ideas, solutions and find learning materials. Free Resources Offered: Free Facebook group.

  • OpusYou

    OpusYou is a K-12 music education platform providing easily accessible online lessons that are pre-planned with flexibility to adapt to your classroom. There is interactive curriculum specific content that is engaging for young audiences. Lesson plans include preparatory materials, worksheets, and videos that correspond to the lesson objective. The platform is broken up into levels: Level 1 (Ages 5-8), Level 2 (Ages 8-11), Level 3 (Ages 11-14) and Level 4 (Ages 14-16). Free Services Offered: Free full access for 30 days.

  • OTIS for educators!

    Teq is a platform that evaluates and delivers produces and services for the educational environment. They are dedicated to providing PD and instructional support to educators. Right now, Teq is offering educators free access to OTIS for educators! PD courses. Individual teachers can sign up for a free basic account to register themselves, schools can set up for their entire school. Free Resources Offered: Access to OTIS for educators! PD courses

  • Remark Test Grading Cloud

    Remark Test Grading Cloud allows busy teachers to quickly create and grade tests in the cloud so they can get more accomplished with less. With just a few clicks of the mouse, teachers can create an online test or a printable test answer sheet to be distributed to their students. The link to the online assessment is emailed directly to the students for completion. Completed tests are automatically graded using the answer key you create and the built-in analysis reports show student, class, and test item performance. You can also export the scores to your gradebook or LMS. Free Services Offered: Free access to the platform through the end of the summer.

  • Training and Access Project (TAP)

    TAP is an initiative within Boston Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships that offers high quality professional development and consultation services. TAP is developing a series of free online courses for educators and school communities. Each training is composed of easy-to-follow videos on key topics related to social-emotional learning and behavioral health. Free Services Offered: 5 Online Free Trainings (You will need to create a free account)

  • The Myers-Briggs Company

    The VitaNavis platform helps students envision their future possibilities and connect to post-secondary education and the world of work based on their unique strengths, interests, and values. Through the predictive and data-driven SuperStrong assessment, students become more self-aware and begin to aspire to their future possible selves by exploring Career Pathways. Tools help your students understand their learning styles both virtually and in the classroom. Education Pathways allows your students to explore post-secondary school options. Free Services Offered: Free open access to elements of the VitaNavis platform

  • Wakelet

    Wakelet is the easiest way to capture, organize, and share multi-media resources. With Wakelet, you can bookmark anything (articles, resources, videos, social media posts, podcasts, and more!), organize and curate your collection (add your own notes, images, videos, and PDF's), and collaborate and share (invite others to contribute). You can then present your information! Free Services Offered: Always Free

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