Digital Toolkit for Partners

We’re thrilled that you’re looking for ways to amplify and enhance your event’s impact through digital efforts. Below you’ll find a variety of ideas and pieces of content for your use.

If you need assistance with any graphics linked here, please reach out to Krissia Spivey, multimedia communications associate. If you have other questions or feedback, please reach out to Shelby Doyle, director of communications.

As you share about the Week online, we encourage you to use the following hashtags:



  • Digital Space

    Create a digital and public space for your event, such as a microsite or dedicated landing page. You can use images to help style it in an engaging way.

  • Network

    Who's coming to your event? Ask your partners and participating organizations to share your event details via their social media channels and emails.

  • Social Media

    Follow us on social media, where we are constantly adding content. Share our posts and/or download any of our graphics to remind attendees about your event. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Podcast

    Does your organization have a podcast? We'd love to record a segment sharing information about NSCW that's relevant to your audience and creates excitement for your event. Email Shelby at to set up a time.

  • Text Alerts

    Sign up to receive text alerts straight to your phone during National School Choice Week! To sign up, text 'NSCW' to 58632. You'll receive a few fun text messages sharing details about the Week. Invite others to sign up too!

Our team is constantly adding to these resources as School Choice Week approaches, so stay tuned for more options!

Here's a selection of photos from the last nine years of NSCW celebrations. All photos may be republished for the purposes of covering the Week.

Feel free to use these videos to generate excitement and spread awareness of National School Choice Week.

If you're looking for a resource to share with parents during or after National School Choice Week 2020, this book may be your answer.

Andrew Campanella’s The School Choice Roadmap (2020) helps parents understand the different types of schools available, without any confusing education policy jargon. He provides seven easy-to-follow steps that will guide parents to finding the schools and learning environments that can inspire their children to learn, succeed, and be happy. The book is filled with inspiring stories and profiles, as well as practical worksheets and exercises.

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