Join the 2021 #schoolchoice MeetUp

By: National School Choice Week Team

Last Upated: September 21, 2021

#schoolchoice MeetUp graphic

National School Choice Week is quickly approaching and we encourage everyone to participate in our yearly #schoolchoice MeetUp! The goal of the MeetUp is to bring positive national attention to all K-12 educational opportunities and to spread the word about school choices to families in America.

How to participate?

Participating in our #schoolchoice MeetUp is easy! Anyone can participate by joining the conversation on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #schoolchoice on Jan 25 at 12:30 PM Eastern.

Add to Calendar

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Here are some posts that can be used for inspiration. Just click the post and feel free to make them your own:

#SchoolChoice makes a positive impact on families across the country! We know every child is unique, which means options in education are crucial to finding the right fit. #SchoolChoiceWeek Click To Tweet We celebrate #schoolchoice because every child deserves a customized education based on their talents and needs. Why do you celebrate #schoolchoice during #SchoolChoiceWeek Click To Tweet Being a #schoolchoice supporter doesn't mean you think one type of school is better than another. It simply means that you believe that all children deserve the best educational fit for their needs. Click To Tweet

The #schoolchoice MeetUp is an opportunity to have a conversation about why every child deserves an excellent education! Your contributions to MeetUp can be as unique as you are, but here are some ideas to help:

  • Commend a school or local teachers

    Highlight a school or teachers who are helping students learn.

  • Why did you select your #schoolchoice?

    Tell us why you selected your #schoolchoice and what makes it a great fit.

  • Share your #schoolchoice success story

    Tell about your journey in finding the ideal educational fit for your child.

  • Encourage families to find the right educational environment

    Many people aren’t sure where to start, so you can help by sharing your own tips, encouraging words, or information from our website.

  • Encourage families to visit your school

    Your school might be the perfect educational fit a family has been looking for, let them know why!

  • Invite people to attend your National School Choice Week celebration

    Use our #schoolchoice MeetUp as your platform to promote your event for the week.

 Whatever you post, make sure to use #schoolchoice

Complement your posts with some digital assets!

  • Chose from our Collection of Digital Stickers

    Find different stickers that fit your style to show that you celebrate #schoolchoice.

  • State National School Choice Week graphics

    Show your state pride with your state's National School Choice Week celebratory graphics!

  • MeetUp email template

    Share information about our #schoolchoice MeetUp to other organizations and individuals through email using this template.

  • School choice option graphics

    Share why your school choice option fits for your family and pair it with its school choice option graphic!

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    Show your support for National School Choice Week and #schoolchoice by adding our frame to your profile picture!

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