There’s Nothing Ordinary About Magnet Schools

By: Andrew Campanella

Last Upated: July 7, 2021

A few years ago, I visited a magnet school on a seemingly routine visit.

But, then, I found out that there is no such thing as a routine visit to a public magnet school, because magnet schools are anything but ordinary. They are extraordinarily cool!

On that trip, hundreds of students lined the halls and performed a seemingly impromptu rendition of the National School Choice Week dance. There were students everywhere — in stairwells, behind doors, and on balconies. It was fantastic.

My trips to other magnet schools have also left me inspired and appreciative.

I’ve visited magnet schools that focus on space sciences (this school had a NASA control center), medical arts, theater, and science.

Magnet schools are public schools, created by districts. They focus on one interesting theme, with the goal of attracting students to attend these schools and challenging them to enjoy learning. But, the theme isn’t the only thing that students learn at magnet schools. The schools use this “hook” to ensure that students are inspired to learn all subjects, and perform at high levels.

There are thousands of magnet schools across America, and hundreds of them are hosting events during National School Choice Week, so that parents, students, and community members can learn more about the many cool things that go on behind the doors of magnet schools. Art contests, video contests, special renditions of the National School Choice Week dance….you name it…magnet schools are making it happen during National School Choice Week.

Unfortunately, too many folks ignore magnet schools when talking about school choice. This needs to change. The passion, energy, high expectations, and uniqueness make these schools truly life-changing.

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