Capitol to Capitol: NSCW 2024 Capitol Celebration Recap

As School Choice Week unfolds across the nation, the spotlight is now on the vibrant Capitol celebrations that have taken center stage this Tuesday in various states. This weeklong celebration has been a dynamic exploration of the diverse and empowering educational opportunities available to students and families.

Throughout our country, state capitols have become centers of enthusiasm. State leaders, advocates, and educators come together to celebrate all forms of school choice, including traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online learning, homeschooling, and microschooling and mix-and-match learning. From engaging discussions to podium speeches emphasizing the importance of educational choice, the atmosphere is charged with excitement.

Join us as we delve into the heart of Capitol festivities that unfolded, revealing the shared commitment to educational opportunities.

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Take a virtual journey with us through the recap of celebrations from capitol to capitol. Scroll through and click on any event that catches your eye to delve deeper into the details and even view photos from each event!

Denver, Colorado

In the heart of Denver, the state capitol turned into a vibrant celebration as hundreds gathered to cheer for school choice. With banners waving and excitement in the air, Colorado families showed that when it comes to education, the Mile-High City knows how to reach new heights!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah brought the party to the capitol, featuring nearly 40 charter schools and dazzling student performances. It was a spirited gathering full of energy, music, and a showcase of Utah’s fantastic educational options.

Des Moines, Iowa

In the heartland of Iowa, students from across the state gathered at the capitol to express why school choice matters.

Lansing, Michigan

In Lansing, Michigan, students, parents, and educators transformed the capitol into a lively celebration of educational choices. Students took a special tour, making it an experience beyond school choice – it was about exploring history with a joyful twist!

Topeka, Kansas

Topeka was an epicenter of excitement as the Kansas Capitol Celebration kicked off with speakers and student tours, raising awareness about K–12 education options.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania took center stage as Harrisburg’s capitol became a grand theater featuring student and parent speakers. The capitol echoed with inspiring stories, creating a symphony of voices advocating for the importance of school choice.

Didn’t get a chance to attend? Don’t worry! There are a variety of exciting family-friendly events happening across the country this week that you won’t want to miss!

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