NSCW 2024 School Celebration Recap

During National School Choice Week 2024, the entire country is abuzz with excitement! Whether it’s school fairs, flagship events, or school celebrations, people from all over of all ages are coming together to celebrate the wonderful idea that every child should have the opportunity to learn, grow and excel. Thousands of students, representing traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, online learning, private schools, homeschools, and microschools, are thrilled to share what school choice means to them and why they love their schools.

Scroll through these uplifting photos, where the essence of School Choice Week captures the joy, possibilities, and freedom that educational choice brings to every child. 

Watch this heartwarming video of Mozart and Einsteins Preschool children showcasing their school celebration!

North Florida School of Special Education, Florida

Bright smiles and engaged little learners showcase love for their school.

Alexander Preschool, California 

These enthusiastic learners are beaming with joy for the love of their school.

Danville Christian Academy, Kentucky

These enthusiastic students celebrate school choice with illustrated placards.

The Academy for Young Achievers, Indiana

These eager faces are shining in support of their school.

Calvary Christian School, Ohio

Bright smiles and colorful signs mark School Choice Week.

Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins High School, Colorado

The energy of these engaged learners is contagious as they celebrate School Choice Week.

Saint John’s Day School, Mississippi

These engaged learners light up the room with their smiles, celebrating the power of school choice.

Dickens Sanomi Academy, Florida

Illustrated placards in hand, these kiddos shine a light on the love of learning.

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