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During National School Choice Week, homeschool groups and homeschooling families celebrate the success of parents and students who are involved in home education.

Please join us for our National School Choice Week conference calls.  These calls will provide tips and suggestions on how to maximize your participation in National School Choice Week, which will be held January 20-26, 2019.. Click to view the schedule of calls.

Homeschool groups and families can sign up for a free box of NSCW supplies, including NSCW’s signature yellow fleece scarves. Use these materials at any meeting, event, or activity of your choice during NSCW. Whether you plan a community field trip, an information session for prospective homeschooling parents, an awards ceremony for star students, a service project, or anything else – we encourage you to have fun!

FAST FACT: A record 5,678 homeschool groups participated in National School Choice Week 2018. Homeschool groups, both small and large, are encouraged to get involved!

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  • Homeschool Event Ideas: Need help thinking of what type of event to plan for NSCW? Check out some event suggestions.
  • Post Your Event: Post your event to the NSCW events map!
  • Share Your Photos, Videos, and Stories: Please send photos or videos from your event, meeting, or activity to us, as well as any stories or testimonials you’d like to share. Visit our share/upload page by clicking here, or just e-mail us at photos@schoolchoiceweek.com. We try to share as many photos, videos, and stories on our social media platforms, in our videos, and on our website as possible! 
  • Social Media Profile Picture: Show off to your friends and family that you’re celebrating NSCW by adding our stamp to your profile picture.
  • NSCW Logo: Use the NSCW logo on your schools’s website, in newsletters, and on social media to enhance your participation.
  • Sign Up for Free NSCW Supplies: Homeschool groups and families can receive an assortment of yellow fleece scarves, signs, posters, lapel stickers and more – for free!