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National School Choice Week provides an exciting opportunity, every year, for teachers and administrators to celebrate what makes their schools great! An unprecedented 24,910 schools participated in National School Choice Week 2020. All types of schools are encouraged to celebrate with us!

Schools can Sign up to receive a free box of NSCW supplies, including NSCW’s signature yellow fleece scarves. Use these materials at any event, activity or celebration of your choice during NSCW. Whether you plan a school assembly, a parent information night, a pizza party, a service project, or anything else, we encourage you to have fun, and we’ll work closely with you to help you get positive attention for your school. 

  • Send us Your Photos & Videos!

    Upload or email photos & videos from your event, activity or celebration that you’d like to share.

  • Interactive Resources

    Show your support & spread the word with these interactive and digital resources for schools including free printable activities.

  • Official School Choice Week Dance!

    Learn this year's dance with our new tutorial videos and download the song for free.

  • Call: Celebration Ideas

    Listen to a recording of the call full of great ideas and information just for schools.

  • National School Choice Week Tips & Ideas Podcast

    Celebrating National School Choice Week 2020? We've got all the ideas and resources you need to make the most of it.

  • Event & Activity Ideas for Schools

    Celebrate your school, your students, your parents, your teachers and your staff during National School Choice Week

  • About National School Choice Week

    Held every January, NSCW shines a spotlight on effective education options for children

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    Sign up to receive text alerts straight to your phone during National School Choice Week! To sign up, text 'NSCW' to 58632. You'll receive a few fun text messages sharing details about the Week. Invite others to sign up too!

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