All Star Program Application

What is the All-Star Program?

Our All-Star Program is for schools and learning providers who want to find ways to enhance their engagement in National School Choice Week (NSCW) by organizing celebrations such as open houses, parent nights, spirit weeks, field trips, talent shows, and more. This program is application based, and there are a limited number of kits available each year. Once participants are accepted, our team offers one-on-one guidance and support to help plan their events.

As All Stars, your school’s celebration details will be shared on our website during NSCW for your state, and with local media. All Stars also receive an extra box of supplies (in addition to our activity packet) to help make the most out of their celebration. This box contains all sorts of NSCW swag, including the famous yellow scarves!

Our All Star Application is now closed and will reopen in August 2024 for National School Choice Week 2025. In the meantime, fill out this form to be notified when the application opens:

All Star Program Application Notification

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All Star Kit includes:

75 NSCW Yellow Fleece Scarves | Palm Cards | Banners | Pennants | Placards

If you have any questions about how you can maximize your participation in NSCW, please contact our Participant Engagement Coordinator, Mackenzie Mate, at 202-480-2927 x815 or by email at

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