National School Choice Week Event Ideas

There are so many different ways to celebrate NSCW (January 23–29, 2022), and how you participate is completely up to you! If you are looking for some ideas or inspiration to help you get started, check out the digital booklets below.

Whether this is your first year participating and you want to try something easy, or you have been part of the annual celebration for years and what to go all out, you’ll find great ideas here. No event is too small and each one makes a difference! 

All Event Ideas                                            Event Ideas-Homeschool & Virtual 

All Event Ideas
Homeschool and Virtual Schools Event Ideas

To help you host the best celebration possible and bring positive attention to educational opportunity in your community, school or work, we are providing free deluxe event planner kits to qualifying applicants.

Simply complete the application today telling us what you are planning for NSCW 2022 and if approved we will send you a kit, completely free! 



If you have any questions about how you can maximize your participation in NSCW, please contact our Participant Engagement Coordinator, Ashlei Brittany, at (202) 480-2927 x809 or by email at [email protected].

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