National School Choice Week Team

Louisiana Creates New Education Savings Account, the LA GATOR Program

The Pelican State’s K-12 educational opportunities are expanding! Louisiana has taken a significant step forward in providing better educational opportunities by enacting the Louisiana Giving All True Opportunity to Rise Scholarship (LA GATOR) Program (named after the official state reptile). This groundbreaking bill establishes a new private school choice program known as an Education Savings […]

Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) Made Easy

“ESAs are private school choice programs in which parents are given access to funds to pay for approved educational expenses. This allows them to choose and customize an education that best fits their child’s needs.” Education Freedom Account, Education Scholarship Account, and Empowerment Scholarship Account—these variations of names reflect a growing type of school choice […]

10 Ideas to Celebrate Students and Families at the End of the School Year

As the school year comes to a close, it’s a great time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, personal growth, and special moments of students and families. From planning fun activities and thoughtful recognitions to creating time for reflection, here are ten creative and enjoyable ideas to make the end of the year meaningful and […]

Spotlight on Teachers: Celebrating Their Impact During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week, celebrated from May 6th to May 10th, was a special time for schools to recognize the hard work and dedication of their educators. Our participating All Star schools went above and beyond, ensuring that the week was filled with memorable celebrations and heartfelt gestures of gratitude.  From delicious treats to creative themes, […]

Missouri Expands MOScholars Empowerment Scholarship and Charter School Opportunities

New educational opportunities for K-12 students in the Show Me state are on the horizon! Thanks to SB 727, a 176-page bill signed into law, more families across Missouri will soon have access to the MOScholars Empowerment program and public charter school opportunities than ever before. Let’s explore what this means for families statewide. What […]

Everything Parents Need to Know about Georgia’s Promise Scholarship

K-12 educational opportunities are expanding in the Peach State! Georgia has paved the way for greater educational opportunities by passing the Georgia Promise Scholarship Act. This revolutionary bill will create a new scholarship program to expand education options for Georgia students. Launching in 2025, this program will allow eligible families to receive funds amounting to […]

Share Your School Choice Story

National School Choice Week is approaching its 15th anniversary in 2025. To mark this milestone, and as part of our mission to inspire more families to explore their options, we are creating a booklet featuring inspiring stories of families who have experienced the transformative power of school choice firsthand. The booklet aims to encourage more […]

A Parent’s Guide to Navigating Wyoming’s Education Savings Account (ESA) Program

Families in the Cowboy State will soon have more funding options when it comes to K-12 education!  Wyoming has paved the way for educational empowerment with the passing of the Wyoming Education Savings Account Act. This revolutionary bill will create a private school choice program program called an education savings account (ESA) program. Launching in […]

Alabama Creates New Tax-Credit Education Savings Account for K-12 students

From Birmingham to Mobile, Alabama, families will soon have new choices regarding their children’s K-12 education! A landmark bill, HB 129, passed by lawmakers, will create a flexible school scholarship program called an education savings account (ESA) program. Launching in 2025, this program will allow participating families to receive ESAs of up to $7,000 to […]

South Carolina creates new education scholarship for K-12 students

There’s a new education scholarship that will soon be available to South Carolina families, thanks to a new program signed into law last spring. The Education Scholarship Trust Fund Program will make private school, tutoring, and other personalized learning expenses a more affordable choice for economically disadvantaged children.  When is this new scholarship available, and […]

Empowering Black Families in School Choice

As we celebrate Black History Month, National School Choice Week is proud to offer your organization a carefully crafted toolkit to help you mark this important month. This toolkit sheds light on valuable insights and effective strategies for engaging with Black families about school choice. By analyzing data and adopting appropriate messaging, you can establish […]

School Fairs During National School Choice Week 2024

Whether you are choosing your child’s first school, or whether you want to find a new or different school for your daughter or son, National School Choice Week is the time to start exploring public, charter, magnet, private, online, and home education environments! National School Choice Week 2024 featured school fairs in cities across the country. Independently planned by local […]