How We Celebrated: Classroom Contest

Schools and homeschool groups in all 50 states celebrate National School Choice Week because education is worth celebrating. Schools are where children become successful, happy, and ready to give back. 

One of the easiest ways to participate in the Week and build school spirit is by decorating your learning environment. Each year we receive hundreds of inspiring photos of the ways schools decorate to celebrate. Many schools even make decorating into a class contest! 

In California, for example, International Bible Baptist Academy held a craft contest day during National School Choice Week.


Some schools host a classroom door decorating contest or bulletin board decorating contest, encouraging each classroom to showcase their style during National School Choice Week.

Classroom door decorating contest during National School Choice Week
Classroom decor for National School Choice Week at Minnesota Math and Science Academy St. Paul

And in every state, students and teachers of all ages decorate School Choice Week placards each year. Filling out placards can be just for fun. Or, there can be prizes for the most creative, most surprising, most thoughtful, and so on. Don’t forget to invite teachers and staff to fill out why they love the school too!


If you’re aiming for collaboration rather than a fun classroom contest, working together to complete the National School Choice Week banner may be a good move. For example, many schools and families make the banner their own each January, personalizing it with their handprints, logo, or just plenty of color with paints, markers, colored pencils, or crayons.


The bottom line is this: Decorating and classroom contests can be as simple or as involved as you choose. If you encourage students to reflect on why they love their school choice, the depth of their reasons may surprise you. Post these reasons around the school (or around your house if you’re a homeschooler!). They can have a lasting impact long after National School Choice Week is over. 


How will you celebrate? 

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Our How We Celebrated series gives you insider glimpses into how a few of the thousands of NSCW participants have chosen to celebrate their schools.