Activity Ideas for Parents

National School Choice Week is an important time for parents and supporters across America! It’s a time to raise awareness about the importance of opportunity in education.   Whether you take time to celebrate an effective teacher or administrator at your child’s school or have your voice heard in efforts to expand school choice for more families, we have the resources to help you make the most out of your participation!

Here are some ideas to inspire your own creativity. You can also print the list of ideas by clicking the button below.

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Write a Letter

Encourage students, teachers, or parents to write letters to your local newspaper, sharing their school choice stories.

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Take photos at recognizable community landmarks, with students and teachers wearing their NSCW wristbands. Share photos online using #schoolchoiceweek

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Post Making or Essay Writing

Hang homemade posters in the school hallway and have students and teachers pose for photos, then Share online using #schoolchoiceweek. Hold a contest, then have an awards ceremony and publish winning submissions in your local newspaper.

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Service Project

Work with your students, children, grandchildren, or neighbors to design and complete a service project that benefits children in your community. Share photos online using #schoolchoiceweek

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Attend a local city council, county commission, or school board meeting.

Speak briefly about what school choice means to you.

Book drive.

Book drive.

Round up old books that you no longer need and donate them to a school library – or donate them to a family in need.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

If school choice has impacted you or your child, one of the ways you can raise awareness about opportunity in education is by telling your own story. Writing a letter to your local newspaper is one great way to do that.

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Express your gratitude.

Express your gratitude.

Work with your children or grandchildren to make “thank you” cards for teachers, school leaders, or mentors who have made a positive difference in their lives.

Print thank you postcard

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Fun with sidewalk chalk

Use sidewalk chalk to decorate your home’s sidewalk or driveway with the NSCW logo or with #schoolchoiceweek

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Decorate your windows

Use window crayons to decorate your car windows with pictures & fun sayings like “We Celebrate School Choice” or #schoolchoice.

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Fill out a NSCW printable placard.

Share photos online using #schoolchoiceweek

Print placard

Share one of our digital stickers online.

Share one of our digital stickers online.

Show your support by sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #schoolchoice.

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Make a video with your cell phone.

Make a short video about how a great school or an inspiring teacher has made a positive difference in your life. Share it online using #schoolchoice

Official Dance Tutorial Video

Official Dance Tutorial Video

Learn the steps to the official dance!

Learn the Dance

Tips for Choosing The Right School

Tips for Choosing The Right School

A good school is a school that’s right for your child.

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Find A School Tool

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Activity Center

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Digital Backpack for Parents

Digital Backpack for Parents

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Ways to Celebrate the Week

Ways to Celebrate the Week

Maximize Your Participation in National School Choice Week!

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Jargon Got You Confused?

Our glossary can help you navigate the process of choosing a school.

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