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Whether you represent an education organization, a local nonprofit, a chamber of commerce, or a fraternal group, National School Choice Week provides you with a unique and impactful opportunity to raise awareness of the K-12 education options available in your community, or to raise awareness about the benefits of diversity, variety, and opportunity in K-12 education.

To get involved, sign up to receive a free box of NSCW supplies. Then, use the supplies at any activity of your choice. Some organizations use NSCW as an opportunity to recognize successful local schools, students, and teachers. How you celebrate is completely up to you, provided that your use of the materials aligns with National School Choice Week’s charitable purposes. We’ll work closely with you to help you get positive attention for your participation.

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    Upload or email photos & videos from your event, activity or celebration that you’d like to share.

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    Show your support & spread the word with these interactive and digital resources for homeschool groups including free printable activities.

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    Maximize Your Participation in National School Choice Week!

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    Sign up to receive text alerts straight to your phone during National School Choice Week! To sign up, text 'NSCW' to 58632. You'll receive a few fun text messages sharing details about the Week. Invite others to sign up too!

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    Use our map to discover more about the different school choice options available in your home state.

  • About National School Choice Week

    Held every January, NSCW shines a spotlight on effective education options for children

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