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Did you know? 63 percent of U.S. parents want to evaluate the education options available for their children—but so many of these moms and dads describe the school search process as “overwhelming” and “complicated.”

At School Choice Week, we work to provide year-round resources to help families discover their school choice options, raise awareness of the importance of opportunity in K–12 education, and help parents navigate the school search process with confidence and hopefulness. But to reach as many parents as possible, we need your help!

Whether you are a community organization or nonprofit, a state-level organization, or a national group, we invite you to share our resources and information. We also invite you to participate in the official celebration of National School Choice Week, January 23–29, 2022, by sharing information on social media or planning a special event. On this page, you will discover different resources that you can use to help families, and you can make a plan to participate in National School Choice Week next winter.

  • Parent Survey (Fall 2020)

    How Do Parents Feel About School Choices?

  • Get a Free School Choice Snapshot for Your State

    Use our map to discover more about the different school choice options available in your home state.

  • Ideas and Inspiration for Organizations

    Maximize Your Participation in National School Choice Week!

  • Digital Backpack

    Show your support & spread the word with these interactive and digital resources for homeschool groups including free printable activities.

  • About National School Choice Week

    Held every January, NSCW shines a spotlight on effective education options for children

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    Sign up to receive text alerts straight to your phone during National School Choice Week! To sign up, text 'NSCW' to 81257. You'll receive a few fun text messages sharing details about the Week. Invite others to sign up too!

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