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Whether you represent an education organization, a local nonprofit, a fraternal group, or a public policy think tank, National School Choice Week provides you with a unique and impactful opportunity to shine a spotlight on your support for opportunity in education.

To get involved, sign up to receive a free box of NSCW supplies, including our signature yellow fleece scarves. Then, use the supplies at any event, meeting, or activity of your choice. You can also use NSCW as a platform to showcase your work through local op-eds, media interviews, and social media campaigns.

If you are planning an event that is open to the public and will include more than 100 attendees, consider applying to receive additional free supplies and event promotion assistance as part of our Spotlight Program. Click here to apply and to learn more.

FAST FACT: Hundreds of organizations worked to help plan 55 large and medium-sized celebrations in major cities during NSCW 2018, and thousands of additional organizations held events in their communities!

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Don’t be a stranger! We want to hear from participating organizations. So please send photos or videos from your event, meeting, or activity to us that you’d like to share. Visit our share/upload page by clicking here, or just e-mail us at photos@schoolchoiceweek.com. We try to share as many photos and videos on our social media platforms, website, and in our Spotlight videos as possible. National School Choice Week is first and foremost about you and the great work you do to improve the futures of America’s students!