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Whether you represent an education organization, a local nonprofit, a fraternal group, or a public policy think tank, National School Choice Week provides you with a unique and impactful opportunity to shine a spotlight on your support for opportunity in education.

To get involved, sign up to receive a free box of NSCW supplies, including our signature yellow fleece scarves. Then, use the supplies at any event, meeting, or activity of your choice. You can also use NSCW as a platform to showcase your work through local op-eds, media interviews, and social media campaigns.

FAST FACT: Hundreds of organizations worked to help plan 55 large and medium-sized celebrations in major cities during NSCW 2018, and thousands of additional organizations held events in their communities!

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  • Event Handbook: Download the complete guide to planning a National School Choice Week coalition-style event.
  • Social Media Profile Picture: Show off to your friends and family that you’re celebrating NSCW by adding our stamp to your profile picture.
  • NSCW Logo: Use the NSCW logo on your organization’s website, in newsletters, and on social media to enhance your participation.
  • Shine in the Spotlight: See how other organizations advanced their goals during NSCW 2017. View the report here.
  • Share Your Photos, Videos, and Stories: Please send photos or videos from your event, meeting, or activity to us, as well as any stories or testimonials you’d like to share. Visit our share/upload page by clicking here, or just e-mail us at photos@schoolchoiceweek.com. We try to share as many photos, videos, and stories on our social media platforms, in our videos, and on our website as possible! 
  • Sign Up for Free NSCW Supplies: Organizations can receive 25 yellow fleece scarves, signs, posters, lapel stickers and more – for free!