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Are you looking for a new or different school for your daughter or son? Do you want to discover the school choice options available to your family, in your state? School Choice Week offers comprehensive, detailed, unbiased, and easy-to-use free resources for moms and dads.

Whether you want to learn about school choice in general, figure out what options your state offers, pursue the seven steps to finding a school for your child, better understand the differences between the various types of schools, search for specific schools in your area, or help your child navigate learning during COVID, the resources on this page are designed for you.

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  • What is School Choice?

    Empowering parents and helping children achieve their dreams.

  • Types of Schools

    Curious about the different types of schools and learning environments available?

  • Tips for Choosing The Right School

    A good school is a school that’s right for your child.

  • Find A School Tool

    Schools Near Me! Use our tool to find a school near you.

  • Digital Backpack

    Show your support & spread the word with these interactive and digital resources for parents

  • Activity Center

    Explore our free, educational, fun, activities, and decorations created for families, students, and teachers.

  • Discover School Choice In Your State

    Get a Free Detailed School Choice Roadmap for Your State

  • Ways to Celebrate the Week

    Maximize Your Participation in National School Choice Week!

  • Text Alerts

    Sign up to receive text alerts during National School Choice Week! Scan the QR code or text 'NSCW' to 833-245-9538. You'll receive a few fun text messages sharing details about the Week.

  • Jargon Got You Confused?

    Our glossary can help you navigate the process of choosing a school.

  • Free Educational Resources for Families

    Free resources that are easy to use from home.

  • Education and Parenting Podcast Collection

    No quiet time to read? We’ve got you covered with this round-up list of 100+ education podcasts.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Special Education

    Our guide is packed with information to help you make the best decisions for your child’s education, no matter what type of school you choose.

  • Educating Students with Disabilities

    Resources to help make the transition to online.

  • How to Continue Your IEP, Even if You Start Homeschooling

  • Learning Pods Are Here!

    Read about all types of pandemic pods.

  • Assessment Tools to Check in on Your Child’s Learning Progress

    Explore free assessment resources.

  • ¿Qué es la elección de escuela?

    Encuentre aquí todo lo que necesitas saber.

  • Conozca sus opciones escolares

    ¿Qué son las opciones escolares o el school choice?

  • Recursos educativos gratuitos y en español

    ¡Consulte nuestras páginas de Recursos gratuitos!

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