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Raise Your Hand for School Choice Week

So, you’re a parent who is a fan of school choice and who looks forward to celebrating National School Choice Week every year….

We need YOU to raise your hand and let us know you’re ready to speak up for School Choice Week in your community!

Every January, the National School Choice Week team is contacted by staff from your local TV station, radio shows, and paper, asking to be put in touch with parents who have used school choice and celebrate School Choice Week.

Could we have them get in touch with you? We want to connect local reporters with you so you can share why you celebrate and tell the story of what school choice means for your family. Parent testimony is one of the most powerful ways to show the positive impact of school choice. 

You don’t need to be a school choice expert or an education policy researcher. We’ll work with members of the media to get them any technical information they need about how school choice works in your state and how other people are celebrating.

All you need is a passion for school choice and opportunity in education for all families in your community.

Parents, we want YOU to become the story!

Sound like you? Share a little bit about yourself below. If we receive inquiries from reporters near you, we’ll connect them with you!

Questions about this form or what to expect after filling it out? You can get in touch with our communications team by emailing us.

Get inspired by these parents who shared why school choice and National School Choice Week matters to them:



Looking for more ways to spread the word about school choice? Learn how to write a letter to your local newspaper about what school choice means to your family.

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