Shelby Doyle, Vice President of Public Awareness

Shelby Doyle has dedicated her career to providing parents across the U.S. with access to unbiased information designed to help them navigate the school choice options for their children. As the Vice President of Public Awareness for the National School Choice Awareness Foundation, she serves as the organization’s chief spokesperson and oversees the foundation’s efforts to research, develop, and promote school navigation resources for parents. Shelby has conducted over 200 media interviews, showcasing extensive experience in providing analysis for various media platforms.

Shelby has worked in senior-level positions with the National School Choice Week charitable program since 2014. Prior to her work with NSCAF and its related programs, Shelby worked in several positions at academic journals and for government officials. Shelby grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and was homeschooled. She graduated from Houston Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and government, and she lives in Nashville.

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