National School Choice Week Supplies

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National School Choice Week Supplies

Greetings! We occasionally receive questions about National School Choice Week’s supplies. If you have received a box of supplies for National School Choice Week, and you have questions about these supplies or how to use them, you may find the information on this page helpful. If you have additional questions, or want to know how we might help promote your participation in NSCW, email us at [email protected].

How can I best use National School Choice Week supplies?

The sky’s the limit! There are so many different ways to celebrate, and how you participate is completely up to you. For example, here are some celebration ideas to get you inspired. Regardless of how you choose to participate — with something small involving just your own family or something huge involving hundreds of people — we are very grateful for your participation.

How can I receive additional supplies for National School Choice Week?

There are two ways you may receive NSCW supplies. First, if you are planning an activity, event or celebration that is open to the media and will include more than 100 attendees, consider applying below to receive complimentary NSCW celebration supplies and event promotion assistance as part of our Spotlight Program. Click here to apply and learn more. This program provides eligible schools, organizations, and chambers of commerce with the opportunity to receive additional free supplies and event promotion assistance.  We simply need details about your event to consider it for this program.  Alternatively, if you would just like more scarves, you can purchase them for $1 each by visiting our Scarves Page

I requested supplies from NSCW. When will I receive them?

We work to fulfill all orders by mid January, so that everyone has the materials they need to celebrate with us.

Why did I receive a box of supplies?

We send supplies to schools, organizations, homeschool groups, and individuals who meet one of the following criteria: you, or someone at your organization or school, specifically requested the supplies from us by replying to an e-mail, mailing, or fax; you have participated in NSCW in the past and have not opted out of receiving supplies; or an organization that supports your work asked us to send you supplies. Please note: these supplies are completely free, and we encourage and invite you to keep them!

Can I return my box of supplies?

We encourage and invite you to keep the supplies and enjoy them! They are completely free, and there are so many ways to participate. Don’t feel pressured to plan a big event or activity with the supplies; simply handing out scarves and other materials to your friends, coworkers, and family members can go a long way towards raising awareness of opportunity in education! If you still would like to return the supplies, you may please visit our returns page here: Returns Page

How do I opt out from future shipments?

Please fill out the following form to opt out from our mailings and/or shipments, by clicking here: Opt Out Form 

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