7 Fun, Easy Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Teachers continue to go above and beyond in the ever changing educational environment. Yet, despite all the commotion, teachers still found avenues to keep their students engaged, successful and happy through it all– which is more than deserving of a celebration! 

Teacher Appreciation Week, which lands on May 2-8, is the perfect opportunity to show your gratitude for all the hard work that teachers do. While there are tons of ideas on the web on how to thank a teacher, we have compiled a list of some fun, easy teacher appreciation gift ideas!

This week, we appreciate the things – some big and some small – that so many teachers do every day to help kids.  Often, these things are outside of any written job description, but these actions build bonds of trust between educators and families that help facilitate learning.

Andrew Campanella

Check out National School Choice Week President Andrew Campanella’s thoughts on Teacher Appreciation Week and how it’s about more than just saying thank you!

1. School Supplies

As it gets later in the school year and markers begin to dry out, supplies are a great way to show your appreciation for all that teachers do!  But, do you know what is better than supplies?  A supply cake!  This is a great way to turn ordinary school supplies into a fun appreciation gift; and, it is super easy to make.  We also have #schoolchoice supply gift tags to enhance your cake decorating skills.

Download your school supplies gift tags

2. Fillable Best Teacher Award

Are you looking for a more sentimental way to thank a teacher?  Nothing shows your appreciation more than giving a ‘Best Teacher Award’!  These awards are a fantastic way to get your child more involved in the Teacher Appreciation Week celebration and are for those who want a more personalized touch.

Fill, download and print your teacher awards

3. Food!

The true key to unlocking anyone’s heart is food!  Food is a simple yet thoughtful way to show your appreciation for all that teachers do.  Add one of our food-inspired gift tags to your present to make this gift even sweeter!

Download and print gift tags

4. Gift Cards

Gift cards are great tokens of appreciation!  They are versatile – practically any business accepts gift cards – and, with our custom National School Choice Week gift card holders, they make the perfect gift for teachers!

Download gift card sleeves

5. Fillable Write a Poem

One of the things teachers love most is hearing from their students just how much of an impact they have had – and what better way to do this than with a poem? Whether you rhyme your words, create a haiku, or use the acrostic template below, your teacher is sure to cherish your words for years to come.

Create, download and print your poem

6. Fillable Thank You Card

Thank you cards first started being sent in the United States in 1840 – thanks to the postage stamp! This method has been around for decades for a reason- it’s a fantastic way to let someone know you appreciate them. This teacher appreciation week, join students across the country in letting teachers know how thankful we are for them.

Fill, download and print a thank you card

PS: No printer? No problem! Take a screenshot of the thank you image below, add text onto the image with your phone’s photo editor, and share it with your teacher! If you post it to social media, be sure to use #schoolchoice.

7. Specialized Thank You’s

A simple “thank you” truly goes a long way, but we’ve got some creative ways to give the message a little more ‘umph’.

Social Media Post

Social media posts are a fun, simple way to let the world know how much you appreciate your teacher!  If you want, you can add personal photos or handwritten notes to the post.  We have put together some shareable graphics that you can use to let others know you are celebrating:

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week GIF School Choice Week

Download GIF

Download digital sticker

Thank you Rocks

Remember when our friends at Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School painted rocks to spread the word about school choice?  Well – this is a super fun way to tell your teacher how much they rock!


Car Parade

A car parade is a cost-effective way to go big for the Teacher Appreciation Week celebration.  With washable window markers or chalk markers, you can write kind messages on your car for teachers to read when you arrive at school.  The best part about this gift idea is that you can ask other parents to join your parade!


Did you use any of these easy teacher appreciation gift ideas?  We’d love to see!  Share them on your favorite social media channel using #schoolchoice.

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