Andrew Campanella

A Parent’s Guide to Navigating Tennessee’s Education Savings Account (ESA) Program

In Short: Scholarships are now available for some Tennessee students who switch from public schooling to private schools. The flexible new Tennessee Education Savings Account (ESA) program provides approximately $7,000 per year in private school tuition assistance, and assistance for other education expenses, for eligible students who have been accepted into the program. The program […]

The Difference Between Homeschooling, Online Schools, and Remote Learning

If you are a parent, chances are you have spent a lot of time wondering how, where, and when your child will be educated for the 2021-2022 school year. The question on every parent’s mind is whether to send your child back to a bricks-and-mortar school (if your child’s school reopens), opt for your school’s […]

National School Choice Week 2021 is Underway

Hi Friends, On January 24, we will kick off our eleventh annual celebration of National School Choice Week. As you can imagine, this year’s celebrations will look a lot different. Instead of in-person events, we will feature online projects and activities. We are also working harder to get information and resources to families navigating the […]

A Safe, Responsible, and Celebratory Approach to National School Choice Week 2021

Dear Participants and Supporters, We believe that all Americans should do their part to curb the spread of COVID-19. That is why today, we are requesting that our partners and participants not plan in-person events during National School Choice Week 2021 (January 24-30). We cannot in good conscience provide support, assistance, or materials for such […]

Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child

Choosing a School for Your Child During National School Choice Week, tens of millions of Americans will celebrate the promise and benefits of educational opportunity. For many parents, the Week will start a season of choosing – of visiting schools, researching options, attending school fairs, and trying to find the ideal learning environment for their […]

Teacher Appreciation Week: It’s Not Just About Saying Thank You

This week marks Teacher Appreciation Week. As the proud son of a public school teacher and someone who benefited from the wisdom, guidance, knowledge, and care of so many teachers throughout my own K-12 education, this week is important to me. It is important to every American. This week, we appreciate that great teaching requires […]

Delta County Independent: Time to focus on school choice in Delta County and across America

Later this month, schools, homeschool groups, organizations, and individuals in Colorado and across America will work together to raise awareness about the importance of opportunity in K-12 education. National School Choice Week begins on Jan. 21 and celebrates all types of schools and education environments for children. Nationwide, 32,240 different events and activities — such […]

Remember the Victims, and Honor the Heroes, of Hurricane Harvey

Over the last few days, we all watched in horror as Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas. The storm’s wrath upended the lives of tens of thousands, if not millions, of people across the Gulf Coast. While the worst is over for Houston, the hurricane is now moving towards Louisiana and other states. During this […]

Making the Most Out of Learning: 2 “Back to School” Things Students Can Do

What a fast summer! I cannot believe that most of America’s students are already back in school, and that autumn is just around the corner. For students especially, the end of summer vacation is always bittersweet. But the start of a new school year can produce memories that last a lifetime, and the lessons that […]

Teacher teaches a student on a computer

Online Academies Harness the Power of New Technology

Can students really attend school online? This is the question I get most frequently when I talk about online learning. The answer is, resoundingly: yes. If you think about it for a minute, it actually makes complete sense. Today’s generation of children has grown up with advanced computing as the norm. They use gaming systems […]

Private Schools Provide Increased Educational Diversity and Variety

When people think of school choice, they often think about private schools. But strangely enough, when I started to write about the different types of school choice for this series, I found it challenging to write about private schools. Why? Because there are so many different types of them! They’re all so different, so unique. […]