Event Ideas for Schools


We invite you to celebrate your school, your students, your students’ parents, your teachers and your staff during National School Choice Week. You can plan any type of event, meeting, or activity during NSCW. Whatever you choose to plan, make sure that it meets your goals, and that it’s fun and celebratory! Here are some event ideas to inspire your own creativity:

  1. Have your students fill out the “I love my school because…” signs included in your box of materials and take photos with them to show the many reasons your school is loved.
  2. Hold a community open house to promote your school
  3. Conduct a school tour for prospective parents and students
  4. Invite special guests to a school-wide assembly
  5. Plan a pep rally to generate excitement
  6. Invite your mayor or local elected officials to tour your school
  7. Bring everyone together for a “Family Night”
  8. Hold a student poster or essay contest and announce winners
  9. Put on a student/parent/teacher awards event
  10. Decorate lockers or classroom doors and announce winners
  11. Take your students on a field trip
  12. Learn and perform the NSCW Official Dance and videotape it
  13. Stage a student or teacher talent show
  14. Show your students’ smarts with a science fair
  15. Host a game night
  16. Hold a school fair or carnival
  17. Host a coffee house night with student poetry
  18. Paint a school wall or mural
  19. Have students plant a tree or a garden
  20. Compile a video of students, parents, and teachers for local cable access TV
  21. Hold a school-wide breakfast