Online Academies


Online academies are internet-based schools that teach students through an online curriculum. These schools are also referred to as virtual schools or e-schools.

Most of these schools are public, funded by taxpayers, and do not charge tuition. In more than half of US states, students have the opportunity to attend full-time, statewide, tuition-free online academies. In states that do not offer public online schools, online learning is still available. However, parents must pay tuition for their children to attend these schools.

Students in these schools are paired with specific teachers, and they pursue coursework and take tests just like students in traditional, bricks-and-mortar schools.

In addition to full-time online learning, more schools are adding online learning components to their curriculum. In some places, students take classes in school and at home, and in others, students work together, in school, on online projects. This is referred to as “blended learning.”