Spotlight on Teachers: Celebrating Their Impact During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week, celebrated from May 6th to May 10th, was a special time for schools to recognize the hard work and dedication of their educators. Our participating All Star schools went above and beyond, ensuring that the week was filled with memorable celebrations and heartfelt gestures of gratitude. 

From delicious treats to creative themes, their efforts made this week truly unforgettable. Let’s dive into some of the heartwarming highlights from schools across the country!

Darnall Charter School in San Diego, CA

At Darnall Charter School in San Diego, California, the appreciation for teachers was palpable as students and parents came together to serve a heartfelt continental breakfast. Jeff Morabito shares the sentiment, saying, “On Friday, the students and parents served a continental breakfast.”

Cherry Valley Student Center in Temecula, CA

In Temecula, California, Tammy Slaten from Cherry Valley Student Center recounts a week of gratitude where parents were thanked with cards and treats, and students were celebrated with colorful signs and engaging activities. She says, “This year, we thanked our parents by handing out thank you cards and treats to parents at the drop-off and pick-up line. We also held signs and celebrated our students as they arrived each day. We dressed in color and had lunchtime activities.”

Gove Elementary School in Palm Beach, FL

At Gove Elementary School in Palm Beach, Florida, Dora Alicia Lopez emphasizes the school’s inclusive approach to appreciation. “We created a bulletin board of two wonderful paraprofessionals. We included all the teachers, paraprofessionals, custodial, cafeteria workers and others. Gove Elementary truly believes it takes a village to teach a child,” she shares.

The Children’s Center of Cicero and Berwyn in Cicero, IL

Pauline Vrettos from The Children’s Center in Cicero, Illinois, describes a week packed with special activities aimed at showing appreciation. “For Teacher Appreciation Week, we celebrated with special activities every day,” she explains. From donuts to gift cards and chocolates, each day held a unique surprise.

Mohammed Schools of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA

At Mohammed Schools of Atlanta in Georgia, Sakinah Ali reflects on an “awesome” Teacher Appreciation Week filled with themed days and daily gifts from students. “It was a fantastic week!” she exclaims, highlighting the joyous atmosphere created by catered lunches and parental support.

The Goddard School in Jacksonville, FL

Yesenia Jumelles shares the excitement at The Goddard School in Jacksonville, Florida, where families and businesses rallied together to provide meals, gift cards, and personalized goodies for teachers. “Families provided breakfast and lunch all week, for all our staff. We wrote superlatives for each teacher! We had such a fun week!” she exclaims, reflecting on the generous gestures that made the week memorable.

Bel-Aire Elementary School in Cutler Bay, FL

Brittany Gibson from Bel-Aire Elementary School in Cutler Bay, Florida, describes a culinary journey around the world for teachers, accompanied by thoughtful gifts from the administration. “We had a full week of celebrating our awesome educators!” she exclaims, capturing the essence of appreciation through cultural exploration.

Denver Justice High School in Denver, CO

Stephen Parce paints a picture of daily delights at Denver Justice High School in Colorado, where teachers were treated to homemade meals, sweet treats, and affirmations of appreciation. “Teacher’s received over the days; homemade posole (delicious), homemade pork & beef tacos, salsa and toppings, gourmet ice cream, fruit, pastries, coffee and daily affirmations and statements of appreciation,” he shares.

Somerset Academy Collegiate in San Antonio, TX

Tiffany Salazar simply states that at Somerset Academy Collegiate in San Antonio, Texas, teachers were treated to a week filled with treats, leaving them feeling valued and appreciated.

The Varnett Public School in Houston, TX

Gayle Voltz shares a simple yet heartfelt gesture at The Varnett Public School in Houston, Texas. “Staff received flowers from students,” she states, capturing the beauty of appreciation through a symbol of nature.

Somerset Academy Canyons Middle and High School in Boynton Beach, FL

At Somerset Academy Canyons, Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week unfolded with a touch of magic and wonder, inspired by the beloved world of Harry Potter. “Our theme for Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week was Harry Potter because we have “Magic Makers” at our Somerset Canyons. Our Magic Makers enjoyed surprises throughout the week starting off with a feast in The Great Hall on the 1st day.” – Ashley Tokan

Passport School in Orlando, FL

At Passport School in Orlando, Florida, Kelly Scalise, a 5th-grade teacher, reflects on the joys of teaching and the support received from the school’s PTO. “Our small school’s PTO goes all out!!” she exclaims, describing a Vegas-themed celebration complete with decorations and delicious treats.

American Leadership Academies in Mesa, AZ

The PTSO at American Leadership Academies in Mesa, Arizona, took teachers on a virtual trip to Greece, complete with goodie bags and heartfelt thanks. “What a fun week we had celebrating our amazing teachers. Everyone joined in with a spirit week dress-up. Special thanks to all of our beautiful families, PSO, and admin team for the delicious food and thoughtful gifts. We are extremely grateful for you all. We love our ALA QCE teachers! They really are the best. Top-notch, a step above the rest!” they share, emphasizing the spirit of appreciation and community.

Health Sciences Charter School in Buffalo, NY

Health Sciences Charter School pulled out all the stops to honor the incredible teachers and staff members who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the students’ success and well-being. Each day was filled with thoughtful gestures and surprises like a tasty cafe bar and taco bar to express gratitude for their unwavering commitment and dedication.

DeKalb Elem School of the Arts in Avondale Estates, GA

Whitney Brown expresses gratitude for a week filled with colorful themes, snacks, gifts, and celebrations at DeKalb Elementary School of the Arts in Avondale Estates, Georgia. “The appreciation committee showed out for Teachers Appreciation Week! The daily color themes, parent-hosted snack carts in the daily color, the posters, the gifts, the lemonade and cupcakes, the lunches, and the celebration of us teachers was such a warm feeling. As we head into the summer heat and our nerves take their final beatings, this week was a great inspiration to keep pushing through. In my twelve years of teaching, I’ve never seen school-wide appreciation like this. I appreciate it more than you know.” -Whitney Brown

Bundy Canyon Christian School in Wildomar, CA

Dorothy Gerrie, a Kindergarten Teacher at Bundy Canyon Christian School in Wildomar, California, penned a heartfelt letter to express gratitude to School Choice for their invaluable support.

“Dear School Choice,

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the invaluable support you have provided. Your assistance has made a significant impact on our school community, allowing us to continue fostering an environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and spiritually.

As a passionate educator, I am deeply committed to my role as a teacher. One of the greatest joys in my life is witnessing the growth and development of my students. Each day, I am inspired by their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Whether it’s guiding them through the intricacies of reading and math, teaching them to tell time, or sharing the teachings of the Bible, I find immense fulfillment in nurturing their minds and spirits.

Thank you once again for your generosity and dedication to supporting educators and students. Your contributions are making a lasting difference in the lives of many, and I am honored to be a part of this journey.” – Dorothy Gerrie, Kindergarten Teacher

Discovery Montessori Academy in Plano, TX

Parents at Discovery Montessori Academy in Plano, Texas poured their hearts out, showering teachers with tokens of love, heartfelt words of appreciation, and precious drawings from their children, all echoing gratitude for the invaluable role educators play in shaping young minds. “Teacher Appreciation Week was amazing to say the least! Parents were showering us with gifts of love and words of appreciation and pictures from the children to share with their loving teachers! One of our favorite days was “Bring your teacher a Plant or flower (or drawing of a flower)! As a Montessori teacher, I love what I do every single day because I have the privilege of witnessing the beauty of childhood in its purest form. I find meaning and purpose in guiding children on their journey of self-discovery, fostering a lifelong love for learning, and shaping the future with compassion, kindness, and understanding.” – Ms. Esther

Hopkins Middle School in Columbia, SC

Hopkins Middle School shared a decorative collage of their Teacher Appreciation Week festivities.

Community Outreach Academy Middle School in North Highlands, CA

Community Outreach Academy Middle School shared fond moments and quotes from students for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Friendship Aspire Pine Bluff in Pine Bluff, AR

Melanie Madkin at Friendship Aspire Pine Bluff shared a heartwarming experience that exemplifies the strong sense of community and appreciation at her school. “My scholars found me as I was visiting a sister school and showed me love. I also won a Lounge Makeover for my fellow colleagues from Walmart and Crayola in which I was presented a check from Walmart. We are shown so much love by the leadership team, scholars, and parents!! I’m so thankful.” – Ms. Melanie Madkin

Kenosha Lutheran Academy in Kenosha, WI

At Kenosha Lutheran Academy in Kenosha, WI, Teacher Appreciation Week was made extra special thanks to the efforts of the Parent Teacher Partnership group. They organized a week-long celebration filled with meals, snacks, treats, and gifts to show their gratitude to the faculty.

Green Oaks School in Arlington, TX

Gina Croft, a teacher at Green Oaks School in Arlington, TX, shared her enthusiasm for her role, highlighting the vibrant community that makes teaching at Green Oaks so rewarding.

“I like being a teacher at Green Oaks because I get to work with very creative teachers and staff and learn from amazing students and participants!” Gina shares.

As Teacher Appreciation Week comes to a close, let’s keep the celebration going! This week, we’ve seen incredible demonstrations of gratitude from exceptional schools across the country. These schools have gone above and beyond to honor their educators with creative themes and heartfelt gestures. Let’s continue to show appreciation for our teachers, not only during Teacher Appreciation Week, but at every opportunity. Their dedication truly makes a difference, and they deserve all the recognition and support we can give.